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Which Linen Cabinet is Right for You?

With all the designs and styles of linen cabinets out there, it’s easy to become overwhelmed when trying to pick out that perfect one.  But the choice doesn’t have to be a difficult one.  To make your choice easier, you’ll first want to consider what style and color of linen cabinet will match the decor of your bathroom. 

There are literally hundreds of bathroom cabinets in the contemporary, traditional, and antique styles, and choosing which style you would like to go with will narrow down your search.  The design is really going to depend on how much room you have and how much storage you need in your linen cabinet.  Wall mounted linen cabinets are the best for smaller bathrooms because you can easily fit a trash can or clothes hamper underneath.  If you need a lot of storage space and have plenty of room in your bathroom, consider going with the larger free standing linen cabinet.  Some of these linen cabinets even have a combination of drawers and shelves that allow you to store a variety of items. 

Check out all the linen cabinet options that Premiere Vanities has to offer.  Whether you need a contemporary or traditional linen cabinet, Premiere Vanities will have all the designs and styles for linen cabinets that you’re after.

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Vanities Smanities…

How dare you! Bathroom vanities are way too important to just brush off like that. Just imagine a bathroom with no vanity. What a waste, all that perfectly good space wasted or even worse, taken up by a cheap piece of junk with nasty white chipped paint and leaky, rusty faucets. Sadly this happens, and unfortunately I am a recent victim of a cheap bathroom design. I just rented a new home and the only complaint I have is the crackerjack bathroom vanity! Come on people!

It is a misfortune that people do not take bathroom vanities more seriously in their home designs. It is a great investment. Go ahead and spend the little extra in the beginning to have a nice piece of furniture that will look great for years. That’s really what a piece of furniture is you know, an investment. Why not purchase a higher end vanity, one that you know is made from good materials that wont warp, chip, leak, stain, rust, crack, mold or fall to pieces. It will not only make your bathroom more eye-catching, but you will also save in the long run not having to replace your lame “cardboard” or particle board vanity every few years.

If it were up to me, all bathroom vanities in the world would be made from only the highest quality materials, like the ones found on Premiere Vanities. Bathrooms are just as important as your bedroom, kitchen or living room, so why not show it a little respect and furnish it with what it really wants, a top of the line bathroom vanity? Think about it.

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Easy Bathroom Vanities Online

Looking for a new bathroom vanity but you don’t want to spend your entire weekend searching the home improvement stores? With the little bit of free time most working adults have and the skyrocketing price of gas, online shopping is becoming a more and more popular timesaving trend. The bathroom has always been a popular target for home improvement or upgrade projects, because we all spend so much time in there each day! You can make searching for bathroom vanities or vanity sets even easier if you choose to save your gas tank and your time by looking at vanities online.

Online shopping is not an entirely new concept, but its gaining popularity is. More people have home computers than ever before, and there are retail websites all over the Internet that will provide you with the selection you want with your bathroom vanities search. Many times, online stores will give you the best deals as well, so keep your eyes peeled for discount bathroom vanities or incentives like free shipping. Not only will you find the best deals, but because online stores have unlimited space for more vanities to sell, you may even find more options in an online store than you would in a traditional store that will have limited showroom floor space.

Don’t be shy about finding your perfect bathroom vanity on your home PC. A good bathroom vanities site will provide high resolution photos of each of their products, detailed descriptions, and customer service representatives who can answer any questions you may have. A big ticket purchase like a bathroom vanity should be considered thoroughly, so make sure you have all your questions answered about the vanity before you purchase it.

You can save yourself a lot of time, energy and that expensive car fuel if you search for bathroom vanities online. The Internet makes it easy to find all the reputable online stores that sell bathroom vanities, and you can find the best deals online. You may also find more of a selection than you would in a traditional store as well, so go ahead and start your discount single or double vanity search the easy way!

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For Those Who Don’t Like Traditional Shopping

I hate going shopping. I mean it, I really do. The minute you wallk into a store, you are almost immediately accosted by a salesperson who is determined to help you whether you want it or not. And then they lurk around and wait for you to stop in front of something, and they pester you some more. So when I wanted to remodel my bathroom, I wanted to find a good selection of bathroom vanities to choose from, without dealing with the hassle of annoying sales clerks following me around the local home improvement store.

This is why I love online shopping. I can shop from my computer without being pestered at all. I can browse all I want, and leave the store without a pushy salesperson trying to talk me into bathroom vanities I don’t want. Or, I can find a vanity I like and call up the customer service center if, and only if, I have questions and decide I want to order one. There won’t be anyone trying to stop me from leaving the website if I don’t find what I’m looking for. Premiere Vanities was the site I found online that had the best selection of bathroom vanities, vanity sets, and any other bathroom furniture you could imagine.

So if you’re in the market for a new traditional bathroom vanity or any other style vanity, then why not try Of course, you don’t have to take my word for it, because you can shop around online and see for yourself. I’m just trying to save time for my fellow shopping haters who don’t want to go down to the local home improvement center to be harangued by pushy salespeople. The best part is, you can shop for bathroom vanities in your pajamas and no one will be the wiser.

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Double Bathroom Vanities, Friend or Foe?

When it is time to purchase a vanity for your new smaller bathroom you have many things to consider. One thing you will have to decide is if you want one sink or two? Of course two sinks, also known as double bathroom vanities, have their perks. The larger size isn’t always an issue or a burden; it can be a major plus as long as you have the appropriate style double vanity picked out. Small bathrooms can still fit a double vanity but you may have to refine your option list.

Glass vanities would be a great option. The clear glass will give you the illusion of a larger space while still allowing you to have two sinks. Contemporary double bathroom vanities are also a good option to keep in mind. Most contemporary vanities are all about minimizing bulk by using sleek, clean lines and many times have a smaller base unit compared to traditional styles. You may also want to consider a wall mount vanity as an option too. Floor space is crucial. You can easily make a small bathroom appear larger by having your double vanity mounted on the wall. By doing this you maximize your floor space and create the illusion of a spacious bathroom. You no longer have to be fearful of your double bathroom vanity enemy now that you are armed with this awesome vanity knowledge.

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