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Extra Storage with Bathroom Cabinets

My bathroom storage used to consist of one medicine cabinet and one cabinet under my sink.  That wasn’t nearly enough for all the bathroom accessories and bathroom supplies I have.  I’d find myself having to store my linens and products in other places or in baskets on the floor.  It got the job done, but it looked like a huge mess and was extremely cluttered.  My counter top was full of items I couldn’t put away!


Finally I decided to get a bathroom linen cabinet and it has completely solved all of my bathroom problems.  The style bathroom cabinet fit right in and has added just enough extra storage for all my bathroom products and linens.  I no longer have to dig through baskets of stuff looking for hair spray or lotion.  My clean towels have a clean place to be kept until I need them plus my bathroom doesn’t look cluttered.  Bathroom cabinets are not only functional but they’ve added a lot of style to my mundance and messy bathroom. 

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The Best Marble Top Vanities in the Universe

Looking for the best marble top vanities in the world? If the answer is yes then read on. If the answer is no, then read on anyway. If you’re like me (a pure genius), you only settle for the best! Now I know what you’re thinking: the best is typically the most expensive too. This is where you are very wrong my dear friend! I may be a genius who only settles for the best, but I am also quite a savvy shopper. Do you want to know the secret? Of course you do…
The best marble top vanities in the universe are available on the Premiere Vanities website. Not only are they everything your hopes and dreams are made of, but they are also a great deal. I myself (being the genius that I am), purchased one of these beauties so that I could back up my claims. I was right as usual; the marble top single vanity I received, all jokes aside, is by far the most beautiful piece of furniture I have in my home now. I would highly suggest you listen to my wise words and purchase one of your own.


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The Perfect Contemporary Single Vanity

I’ll admit it, I’m on the bandwagon. I like the popular contemporary look. I wanted to continue the contemporary look throughout my house while I was remodeling it. I didn’t think I would be able to find a contemporary bathroom vanity but surprisingly I found many. I looked in the store around my home for one but the selection seemed to be limited. So I decided to order online instead, which turned out to be a wonderful idea.

Premiere Vanities was the website where I ended up selecting my contemporary single vanity. They had a very nice range of vanity options to choose from. Many were in my price range and they were all so beautiful. They even offer free shipping, how wonderful is that? The vanity was delivered in my home damage-free, which was my largest concern. They really took care of me at Premiere Vanities and now I have a beautiful contemporary single vanity that blends into my home décor.

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Bathroom Furniture for Your Remodel

When remodeling your bathroom, you’re going to have a lot of different things to think about.  From picking out the perfect floors to light fixtures, there are decisions to be made everywhere.  A big decision is going to be what style of vanity bathroom furniture you’re going to use.  Your options for bathroom furniture are going to seem endless, with everything from traditional bathroom vanities to contemporary linen cabinets.  The old porcelain pedestal sinks seem to only be in outdated or tiny bathrooms.  Today’s master bathrooms tend to have large pieces of bathroom furniture including double vanities with plenty of counter space and tall linen cabinets for extra storage. 

Don’t get overwhelmed when trying to decide what bathroom furniture is right for you.  I always recommend picking a style and color first and then going from there.  Premiere Vanities is a great website that will help you narrow your search.  Instead of driving around all day to different department stores, go online and check out their selection.  They have plenty to choose from and everything is at wholesale pricing.  They even offer free shipping.  If you still need help deciding, give a call and their sales staff will be happy to give you suggestions.  

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Elegance with Antique Vanity Sets

Nothing will add a touch of elegance more than an antique vanity set.  Take your ordinary bathroom and turn it into a stunning bathroom rich in style and design.  Compared to the mundane installed cabinets most homes are made with, an antique vanity set will stand center of attention.  The antique vanity reproductions look just like the real antiques without being unstable and old.  The antique vanity sets are finished in many different kinds of finishes such as cherry and mahogany.  The wood is sometimes distressed to give it more of an aged look.

There’s no better place to get antique vanity sets than Premiere Vanities.   There is a huge selection of antique vanity sets with many options so you can find the perfect antique vanity for your bathroom.  Many options that will add to the grace of the antique vanity are granite counter tops and accents such as hand painted decorations, scroll and carved designs, and metal hardware.  Thanks to Premiere Vanities, I took my bathroom from "blah" to wow with an antique vanity set.


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