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Saving Money with Discounted Bathroom Vanities

Nowadays many of us don’t have as much extra money as we used to have.  With the cost of gas and everything else going up, our budgets are being stretched thin and the projects people have slated such as bathroom remodels have to be put on the back burner until further notice.  Well you can start brainstorming ideas for your bathroom remodel again, because with discounted bathroom vanities you know with the right price, you have the money to get yourself some sweet discounted bathroom vanities.

You will save money and get a killer deal on a beautiful discounted bathroom vanity.  Not only do they look great but they are made to last.  The discounted bathroom vanities on Premiere Vanities are finely crafted to ensure durability and quality.  So you never have to worry about thinking you got a deal only to find out that you’ve been conned into some cheap particle board bathroom vanity.  With discounted bathroom vanities you can get more for your money, meaning you’ll have more to buy more accessories and bathroom furniture for your remodel.  At, there is a great selection of discounted vanities and bathroom cabinets that allow you to get the vanities of your dreams at a price you never thought possible.  All the bathroom furniture offered at Premiere Vanities comes from reputable dealers that make top quality bathroom vanities that are made to last many years to come.

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Extra Large Double Bathroom Vanity

If you have the space for it, an extra large double sink bathroom vanity will be the perfect addition to your bathroom.  Check out the larger and more spacious double sink bathroom vanities available on  There is a great selection of some of the best double sink bathroom vanities for sale with different options that will make your bathroom look like a king lives there.  With a larger double sink bathroom vanity, you can make use of dead space in your bathroom that will be great for storage as well as display some candles and other accessories on the counter.  My personal favorite is the Antique White Double Bathroom Vanity with Raised Sinks.  This vanity looks great and provides a lot of storage as well.  That is important for your big space to help you stay organized.

With an extra large double sink bathroom vanity you will never have to worry about your counter getting cluttered with hair product and random stuff.  You can keep all your junk stashed away in the many drawers and cabinets, creating the feeling of a clean counter and bathroom.  There are many style you have to work with and they will all be a great addition to your spacious bathroom.  Filling up your large bathroom space will be important in making it feel less empty.  With a great extra large double sink bathroom vanity you will be adding a stunning piece of bathroom furniture that will set the tone for the rest of your bathroom.

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French Style Bedroom Vanity is Fashion at its Best

Fashion week is centered around Paris, the city of lights, the city that knows fashion. That’s why when I came across my beautiful French Style Bedroom Vanity, I was thrilled. I knew it had to be beautiful, and that everyone would love it, because it was French! They know what they’re doing, they know their stuff. It wasn’t just my wacky taste in style; it was in fact, a beautiful vanity set piece furniture, right? Well, just to make sure I rounded up a few friends to come over for adult beverages, and as a side project, I asked them their opinions on the gorgeous piece of furniture. It was unanimous. The French style bedroom vanity was a hit, and everyone agreed it was distinctive and original. Phew! I was off the hook this time, I bought a great and useful vanity for my bedroom that could hold all of my makeup, perfurmes, lingerie and knickknacks, because it was up to the task to hold anything I threw in it. Thank you France!

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Vanity Cabinets Are So Smart

I’m a big fan of cabinets, kitchen cabinets, dining room cabinets, as well as bathroom cabinets. They are like a corset for the home. They hold everything in, and graciously hide the stuff you don’t want people to see. So, when I was realizing my antique bathroom vanity was becoming a cluttered mess, bulging at the seams, I knew what needed to be done. I needed to call in reinforcements, the mighty Vanity Cabinets. Once they arrived, from Premiere Vanities, they immediately knew what to do. They hung beautifully from the wall, and stored all of my towels, make up and bathroom accessories, which prior to vanity cabinets coming to save the day, knew nothing about tidiness. Now, my home lives in unity, and with cleanliness in mind. It’s nice to be able to easily clean up the bathroom, which allows me more time to enjoy my beautiful bubble baths, and getting ready for an exciting night out on the town. I don’t like having to worry clutter, and my vanity cabinets are perfect for getting rid of it!

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Petite Single Bathroom Vanity

In a world where bigger is often thought of as better, people look at smaller places as undesirable.  But that cannot be farther from the truth.  People who have embraced smaller living spaces often create stunning designs that make most of the space while still having a beautiful layout.  With smaller spaces, there are smaller bathrooms.  To accommodate these smaller bathrooms, there are petite single bathroom vanities available.  These petite single bathroom vanities make the most of the space, while still creating beautiful designs and pieces that will wow your guests and family.

Check out for some amazing petite single bathroom vanities.  Even with how little they are, a petite single bathroom vanity will still provide a lot of functionality and style than a spacious extra large double bathroom vanity would.  Some of my personal favorite smaller bathroom vanities are the Petite Hudson Bathroom Vanity and the Petite Hackensack Bathroom Vanity.  A single bathroom vanity that lacks in size does not have to lack in originality and style.  I personally enjoy smaller spaces as all the space is unnecessary and only leaves room for clutter and disorganization.  With a petite single bathroom vanity, you only have room for the necessities and that will make for a tranquil and clean bathroom space.  So if you are the owner of a smaller space and think you won’t be able to enjoy the finer things in life such as stunning bathroom vanities think again.  There are a number of great looking petite single bathroom vanities available for you to spruce up your bathroom.  You can still get a great single bathroom vanity that will look great and some can even provide you with some storage as well.

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