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Modern Bathroom Vanity Design

Having a modern bathroom vanity design will add a stylish look to your home and bathroom.  With a great modern bathroom vanity you bathroom will be set apart from the other boring standard bathrooms you will see at your friend’s home.  Instead your bathroom with it’s modern vanity will be a breath of fresh air and create a stunning place to get ready.  A modern bathroom vanity says a lot about you.  It says you are keeping up with the times and love the stylish design of modern vanities.

There are many modern bathroom vanities that come in a variety of colors and sizes.  There are even petite bathroom vanities that will fit into the smallest spaces but provide your bathroom with a stunning modern bathroom vanity.  The modern bathroom vanity of your dreams is out there waiting for you.  Once you get it installed and ready to show off, you will never look back at your old boring bathroom vanity that did nothing for your bathroom but provide a place to brush your teeth and get ready.  Now you can walk into your bathroom and see a stunning piece of work.

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Antique Bathroom Vanity Set Is Brilliant

If you enjoy furniture, it’s hard to not love antique furniture. Now, I’m not one of those people whose home is cluttered with all antique pieces, but I do enjoy them when they are the right fit for the room and style of the home. So, when I was remodeling my small, but beautiful bathroom, I knew it needed an Antique Bathroom Vanity Set. It was the perfect piece to add just the right amount of style to the small bathroom. Any other larger piece would clutter the room, and would make it look bulky and ugly. So, I searched high and low for the right Antique Bathroom Vanity Set, because I knew there was one style out there that would compliment my style and my bathroom. I was surprised when I finally found the perfect set for me, it was at, and it was brilliant. It couldn’t have fit my personality any better, and couldn’t have fit my room any better. You can do a lot with small spaces, if you have the patience to wait to find the perfect sink vanities and bathroom cabinets for them.

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Finding Bathroom Furniture Online is Not Always Impossible

Am I the only one who has had a really hard time trying to find bathroom furniture online? It seems everyone has the same inventory, and it all looks like I could have built it out in my backyard shed. So I held out for a while, until I found a quality resource, which ended up being Premiere Vanities. They have a great selection and finally gave me a means of which to find bathroom furniture online. I couldn’t decide for a while if I wanted a Single Bathroom Vanity, or a Double Vanity. My husband and I constantly rush each other in and out of the bathroom so we can get ready on time. By giving ourselves the option of a Double Vanity, piece of bathroom furniture, our time could be greatly conserved. The beauty of deciding which piece we wanted was the fact that we had options in general. I wasn’t forced into a decision, because of lack of options with Premiere Vanities, which I greatly appreciate.

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Discount Country Linen Cabinets Bring Me Back Home

I grew up in the south, and my roots will always be in the country. Though, I now live in New York, I like to keep accents of my home true to those country roots. The problem with that is sometimes it’s hard to find quality, country furniture, like take for example when I was redecorating my bathroom. I wanted some great Country Linen Cabinets bathroom furniture, but could not find a reasonably priced, quality-made cabinet anywhere.

I began to get frustrated, and nearly gave up, but I was dedicated, so I pushed on. Finally, I found a perfect set of Discount Country Linen Cabinets, at Premiere Vanities. They had a great selection of just what I was looking for, and best of all, I didn’t have to pay a fortune. It fits perfectly in my new home, and brings a sense of comfort being able to reflect back to my earlier roots back in the south.

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Single Vanity Set of my Dreams

My bathroom is a dark damp mess and I’m scared to even step foot in there.  Well that was how it was when I got the keys to my place.  But it’s not like that anymore after I got my hands on it.  I did a complete overhaul and found the single bathroom vanity set of my dreams to create the bathroom of my dreams.  I found a traditional single vanity set that was at the price I could afford and the style I wanted.  Now my newly renovated bathroom is complete with a new tub and of course a stylish single vanity set.

My single vanity set included the single sink vanity, linen cabinet and mirror.  With everything in the same style I brought the room together and now it is a welcome retreat to take care of business and get ready.  My bathroom upgrade with my single vanity set turns my dark and scary bathroom into the bathroom oasis of my dreams.  The problem with the old single vanity was that it was made of cheap material and didn’t hold up to the moisture in the bathroom.  Plus to help put more space they bought a cheap plastic linen cabinet that didn’t match anything.  I helped this bathroom out with a single vanity set that offered a complete and stylish look.

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