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Get Two for the Price of One with Double Bathroom Vanities

Few people are truly talented at finding a great bargain. It is a rare skill and many people claim that they have this gift when, in essence, they do not. There are the individuals who are great at comparing prices from store to store but that is not talent, they simply have too much time on their hands and above-average levels of patience. I, on the other hand, have a very time-efficient method that gets me the same savings if not better ones! It is called …. the internet!

If you are a brick-and-mortar shopper, then you might not have discovered the wonders of the internet. Let me give you an example. I went shopping for double bathroom vanities the other day and I found an amazing site: They had a HUGE selection of double sink vanities and single sink vanities all for great discount prices. This site is where I found that I could get the double sink vanity for the price of a single sink bathroom vanity at any other store…what a great deal, right? The best news is that it only took me five minutes to find the vanity I wanted. Not only did I save money, I saved gas!

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I am a Bathroom Furnishings Genius

I absolutely love shopping for bathroom furnishings. It has been an obsession of mine ever since I was 8 years old and my family was remodeling the bathroom. My parents were completely stressed out trying to pick out a new bathroom vanity, under-mounted sinks, and polished chrome faucets. When I offered to help, they put me in charge of the small things such as the new towels, the shower curtain, and the pictures. Little did they know that they entrusted their bathroom décor to a bathroom furnishings genius! The bathroom remodel was a huge success in large part, might I add, to my fantastic taste.

Today, I try to use my talents for the good of others. If a friend is moving into a new home or needs some help redecorating her bathroom, she always calls me first. All of us excel in at least one aspect of this life and mine is picking out perfect bathroom furnishings. If you need help choosing complementing towels for your new double sink vanity, please give me a call!

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A Vanity Set Ends the Squabbling

My wife and I recently decided we wanted to remodel our master bathroom, but when we started trying to find double bath vanities that we could agree on, it was a squabble fest. I liked the look of contemporary style vanity furniture, and she liked the look of traditional bathroom furniture. We couldn’t just mix and match the two styles very easily, like getting a traditonal vanity and a modern linen cabinet. What could we do?

So we thought that maybe we just didn’t have a big enough selection to choose from our local home improvement store. That’s when my wife had the great idea to shop around online and see what we could find. We found Premiere Vanities, and with over 400 vanities for us to choose from, there were more than enough for us to look through to find our perfect vanity. We did end up finding one we could agree on, which actually managed to incorporate elements from both modern and classic styling to make us both happy. The best part was it came in a vanity set, so we didn’t have to squabble over which mirror to get, or which linen cabinet would work with the vanity. Everything we needed was in the set and we got free shipping on it. Thank you Premiere Vanities!

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I Love My Linen Cabinet

Hey, don’t knock it! People love all kinds of things, so why not pieces of furniture, especially certain pieces of furniture that make our lives easier. I struggled for a long time to try and cram all my stuff into the one tiny bathroom vanity cabinet underneath the sink, when one day my friend saw this tug of war and suggested I get a bathroom linen cabinet. I had always thought linen cabinets were for the hallway and extra sheets and blankets, but there are big and little cabinets made just for the bathroom too. And thank goodness, because I think my one vanity cabinet is bursting at the seams.

I didn’t want to spend a fortune on my new bathroom cabinet, so my friend suggested that I look online at a bathroom furnishings store. I found a few different stores, but the one with the best selection and discount bathroom vanity furniture was They shipped my new oak linen cabinet to me immediately, and not only did I get a discount price but I didn’t pay for sales tax since I live in Colorado. I love, yes I said love, my new linen cabinet. I don’t know how I lived without one all these years!

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Single Bathroom Vanities Online are Way Cheaper

So you’ve started that much needed home improvement project in your bathroom, and you are feeling aces until you start to add up the cost of replacing every fixture and getting the professional help you need so your new fixtures not only work properly but don’t look like crap after they are installed. You may be wondering what some of the shortcuts are to save a little money, so you can get the new bathroom you want that stays within your budget.

Try shopping online! If you are replacing your vanity, type in a search for "single bathroom vanities online" and see what results come up. You may be surprised at how many options you have, as well as the great bargains out there. Another way to find good deals is to put the word "discount" in front of your search terms. For instance, it you are going to do a search for other fixtures, such as a new shower or bathtub, search for "discount showers" or "discounted bathtubs". Of course, when you are looking around online and comparing prices, don’t forget to factor in money-savers, such as free shipping or no sales tax. Free shipping on large items such as these can save you hundreds!

So don’t be shy when you are looking around for deals on single or double bathroom vanities and fixtures. You can have a fantastic looking new bathroom and stay within your means if you shop online.

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