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I Plead In Vanity

I went to my friend’s home the other day and I was jealous of almost all the furniture pieces she had in her bathroom. Granted, she’s the kind of person who has her whole house impeccably decorated with vanilla scented candles consistently spreading its pleasant smell in the super-polished bathrooms with the spotless vanities. A regular Martha Stewart, that one is. Anyway, I decided upon going home that I want to reproduce this look for my own humble abode.

I called this friend up and asked her, rather shamelessly, where she got her good decorating taste from to which she replied, "I got it from my Mama". Fair enough. Then I asked her exactly where she bought her furniture because I’m not as creative as she is and she lead me to where they have enough beautiful vanity sets to line Paris Hilton’s mansion ten times over. I felt like a kid in a candy store. Imagine my excitement when I found the perfect single bathroom vanity for my little bathroom! The mirror is about 40 inches wide–ideal for someone who uses the shiny side of her cellphone to check herself out in. This elegant single contempory bathroom vanity also has a sleek chrome faucet along with a marble counter-top. Immediately after I spruced everything up, I invited my Martha Stewart friend over and said "Get jealous of this!". Needless to say, she was impressed by my new vanity set.

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Sometimes Size Matters with Bathroom Furniture

I’ve decided to create for my 5-yr old son his own personalized bathroom to encourage him to actually be happy with the tasks of brushing his teeth and taking a bath. To further this aim, I’ve already started by buying the appropriate accents and decorations that are more to his liking for bathroom furniture. Right now, he is really into all things Spiderman and is convinced that he, himself, is the webbed hero. I’ve bought a Spiderman-themed rug, towels, and even bath tub decals–all of which had to be approved by the little guy. 

The only assignment I have left is buying a new vanity set that fits him perfectly. Currently, there is a big, double bathroom vanity that he can’t even reach without using a step-up chair. I want to purchase a small single vanity to replace the old one so that he can feel like it belongs entirely to him. I’ve been searching online for a set and have actually found one of interest. It’s a 26-inch black single vanity with an under mounted sink and marble counter-top. The thing I love about it most is its small size. My son would actually be able to reach the faucet without the help of a step-up chair and I’m sure he’d be very proud of this fact. Another feature I enjoy is the marble counter-top. Unlike the old top, which was plastic, this one will be sturdy and more difficult to scratch. Now he can be the best spiderman he can with all the trappings fit for a superhero.

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The Best Hiding Spot is the Double Bathroom Vanity

When I was a young lass, I was not opposed to the customary game of hide-and-seek. In fact, it became the highlight of my days. My older brothers would always humor me because I would usually find the most obvious spot in the house, like behind the couch, and even though my brothers would pretend to pass by and not see me, it took the excitement out of the game. Once, however–and this moment will be etched in my memory forever–I found the best and most clever hiding place. It was my mom’s vanity cabinet beneath a double bathroom vanity unit. I took all of her toiletries and toilet paper rolls and put them on top of myself as to conceal what part of my body I had sticking out. At first, I was preparing myself to get discovered within the first five minutes but those five minutes passed. Then another five went cruising by. By this point I started to wonder if the boys had forgotten about me. 

Somehow, I reasoned that this hiding place in the muggy vanity cabinet was too good to blow my cover over. I was resolute in staying put. At some stage, I suppose I had fallen asleep because when I awoke the cabinet doors were ajar and there was my father, mother, and brothers staring at me from outside. My brothers told me that they first looked in the usual spots I had a predilection towards–behind the couch, in the pantry, under my bed–but could not turn up even the slightest clue. Eventually, after they were convinced they had turned the whole house upside down, they really started to worry. My parents came home from work and were flabberghasted that their only daughter was apparently lost in a game of hide and seek. They called out my name but there was no answer. One of my brothers decided that they should go door to door in the neighborhood should I have sneakily wandered over to another jurisdiction (not allowed in a hide-and-seek game, mind you). Soon enough, while my mother was at her double bathroom vanity washing her face, she opened the bathroom cabinet to reveal none other than either a really big rat under all her toiletries or her one and only daughter. Although everyone was overwrought with stress at the time, now they laugh and recall this event fondly.

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Black Versus White Bathroom Furniture

I’ve been grappling with a huge decision as of late. I have already made one difficult choice of having to purchase either a single bathroom vanity or a double bathroom vanity which I ultimately left up to a coin-toss. I just can never decide! Now, it’s the equally arduous task of picking what awesome color I want my double bathroom vanity to be. At least this time, I have narrowed it to black and white. My bathroom is done in a black and white scheme so it makes the verdict that much more taxing. I can go for the uber-sleek look and dress my whole bathroom in black. Currently, my bath tub and toilet is white but the linen cabinet and bathroom rugs are black. If I get a black double bathroom vanity, it would go perfectly with the linen cabinet. In fact, I see that in most homes, the vanity sets typically match with the linen shelves and cabinets to create a cohesive and unified style.

On the other hand, I can opt for the pureness of white. My tub and toilet are already an ivory color so if I buy Premiere Vanities’ "White Single Vanity with Bottom Drawers" it would fit right in with the other white members of the bathroom furniture family. Still, I have that black linen cabinet and rugs. It may be cheaper to replace the the black items with the white products rather than the reverse. White is such an unpredictable color though; it can become soiled so easily and at least with black, even if it did get dirty, you wouldn’t be able to see most of it. If I stick with black, then I would have to reinstall a new black tub and black toilet and that would get pretty pricey. Alas, I am stuck in this limbo again…why must I be so colorist?

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Vanity Cabinets Set My Heart On Fire

If I could write and mail a passionate love letter to Premiere Vanities’ vanity cabinets, I would. Let’s be honest, though: mailing letters has gone the way of the Do-Do. However, I am not opposed to enumerating my adulation for these bathroom cabinets in a blog. Vanity Cabinets, how I love thee–

1. Because you hold all my toiletries in your belly, I hold you in my heart.
2. Your strong, brawny stone counter-top makes me feel like my belongings are safe and protected.
3. I love to run my hands down your solidly constructed and water-resistant protective frame.
4. The way you hold up the heavy marble sink basin is absolutely impressive.
5. I hate most aspects of the morning but am extra refreshed when I wake up to you in the morning.
6. I like to turn on your elegant brass faucet.

I can go on further were it not for the fear of getting mushy; plus, Vanity Cabinets know how I feel about them. You should go out and buy a double vanity cabinet from Premiere Vanities today and experience the same joy I have!

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