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Deciding Upon Vanity Cabinets

The nice thing about bathroom remodels and bathroom design is that even if you do so much as refinish one fixture, the rest of the room will look like it underwent a transformation too. If you are hankering for a different style for your bathroom, changing the vanity cabinets is a simple but very important step in the right direction.

The great thing about discount vanity cabinets is that there are just so many kinds of styles and types that you can definitely find the ones to fit your ideal scheme. With this said, there a few things you should consider before installing the cabinetry for your vanity. The first thought that should enter your mind is "Is my bathroom big enough?" Your vanity cabinets will be directly affected by this decision. You may want an ostentatiously large vanity with all of its trappings but be realistic if you can’t reasonably fit it in with your already big tub. Next you should consider the style of discount bathroom vanity cabinets you would like. This season, many people are opting for a contemporary variety that is not only unique but also incredibly chic. Their grade of wood is usually easier to clean and wipe off. If you don’t like the futuristic spin on your furniture, there are also options to create a French Provincial look. There are ornate vanity cabinets available that have intricate hand carvings to help fashion a bathroom straight out of Versailles.

In the end, it is up to you to decide which kind of vanity cabinets you are willing to invest in. Remember, although it’s often nice to see matching things in a bathroom, you can do whatever you want, as long as that is precisely what you intend.

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Vanities Create the Mood for Your Bathroom

In your home, your bathroom is often considered a special haven that has the ability to set a certain mood. You go to your bathroom to not only keep yourself looking spiffy but you also go to escape the realities of life–if only for a few moments.  This is why bathroom and bedroom vanities, which is the centerpiece of any bathroom area, and a nice nook in a bedroom, is an important factor in setting that ambience.

When buying my vanity recently, I took many things into consideration. What kind of "look" did I want to accomplish out of my existing fixtures and how can I build upon it to make it more exciting? I had the regular white porcelain toilet and I had a regular white corner tub. What I had was basically a blank slate. I could buy any vanity and it would probably fit with the clean appearance of my bathroom. However, I decided that in keeping with the pure white theme, I would opt for a modern white single vanity. I went online and found the perfect 26-inch natural stone white single vanity for only $660. Because my bathroom is small anyway, the simple and humble design of this modern vanity model was ideal. In addition, the quality of the wood was excellent. In choosing vanities for your bathroom, it’s wise to find out if all the materials are made impeccably so that they can remain durable. Ultimately, once installed, I kept with the white color and hung white towels over the silver towel rack which was above white rugs. Dare I say, it looks quite chic.

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Why I Like Single Vanity Sets

A typical bathroom vanity set usually is made up of faucets, sink basins, cabinets and mirrors. The styles of vanity sets can vary from one manufacturer to the next but for me, I will always have a special place for single wood vanities in my heart. As a child, I grew up in a two story house with four bedrooms and three bathrooms in Boston. As the eldest of four, it was often difficult to get any independence. One day, my parents decided I should get my own bathroom and that perhaps was one of the few licenses as an elder I got to flaunt the most. My younger sisters were consistently exhibiting their jealousy in ways that I understood full well but what could I have done? Give up my right to own my own bathroom with the best single vanity ever? Probably not.

The best thing about single vanity sets in general is that they are big enough for you to perform all your morning wake-up duties over but small enough to make you feel special. When my sisters would invade my bathroom begging me to allow them to use my single vanity set, they couldn’t even both use it at the same time. The mirror is the perfect size for one person but beyond that, you’d end up pushing someone out. In the end, I think my sisters got the point and allowed me to have my peace and quiet.

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The Small Linen Cabinet Dilemma

If you are a single person who has only 5 towels total, then you probably are fine and dandy with your linen cabinet. However, if you can’t fit your towels in that space or even any of your hair-grooming materials anymore, you have a problem on your hands. Although it can be blamed on the plethora of useless things you have, it is also probably due to your linen cabinet and the fact that it is simply not sizeable enough to house all of your bathroom effects anymore. A current trend going on is for people to invest in custom linen cabinets. In fact, the rising popularity of closet organizers have led to the proliferation of interior decorators with their tips and advice. You don’t need a professional to tell you how to help enhance the space in your closet or make the most of your bathroom vanity set.

The best option for someone with limited space in their linen cabinets is to invest in the aforementioned closet organizer. For some closet organizer sellers, you can actually go onto their web site and design your own custom organizers that will be able to fit in any space. If your linen cabinet doesn’t already have one, you can even build in some organizer drawers that are perfect for smaller items such as face towels or hair pins. Instead of losing them in a mess of confusion, they can now be neatly separated by the partitions of the drawers. If you don’t want to buy ready-made organizers, you can fashion your own out of matching baskets and shoe boxes. Either solution works to turn your once-small bathroom cabinets into something much more vast.

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Discount Bathroom Vanities Are the Vanities for Me

As much as I would want to be, I am no King Midas. Everything I touch unfortunately does not miraculously transform into gold. Instead, I have to go through my life, constantly saving and pinching copper pieces so that I could afford anything. Being a student living on her own, this is especially difficult because I have stacking loans to worry about. Imagine my surprise when I found out that there are discount bathroom vanities for the picking. This is perfect because my single bathroom vanity has seen better days and its cabinet doors are warped beyond repair. Hey, I’m poor.

I decided that searching online would be the best option. Although I won’t be able to physically touch it, there are precise dimensions and information about the materials used. I ultimately found the single bathroom vanity of my dreams at Premiere Vanities, an online web store that has a great selection of all things bathroom vanities. At only $1,349.00 it is 600 hundred dollars off of the original retail price. Imagine saving nearly a month’s worth of rent! I was shocked too. Dwelving further, I see that it is actually a really beautiful piece. Normally, when I see things on sale I have been trained to assume that they are at clearance for a reason. Either the hinge is shoddy or the color is an ungodly shade of avocado green, but they are almost always defected. With this particular product at Premiere Vanities, I could see nothing wrong. The natural oak base vanity cabinets coupled with the cream marble countertop was looked super elegant. To think that I would pay for a discount bathroom vanity and still make all my monthly payments made me a very happy camper.

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