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Ways to Green Your Bathroom

People have said that I am naïve. As a young person, I just think that I have a lot of faith in the world. I think that we can save the environment by doing our part. We may not be able to reverse the irreparable damage that has been done but we can certainly prevent any further destruction. I belong to a group called the “Young Green Advocates of the World” and we go around our communities to try to convince people just how dire it is to conserve energy and live eco-friendly lifestyles.

We’re all assigned aspects of the daily routine that we can look to improve. Right now, my aim is the bathroom space. The bathroom is a place that is a relatively hassle-free transformation. You don’t have to change much to make your bathroom routine green.

The first and easiest thing you can do is to buy organic product. There are varieties of shampoos, body washes, toothpastes and other bathroom products that are all organic. By purchasing organic, you are ensuring that the things you are using on a daily basis were created using best practices. Another thing you can do is by opting for recyclable or renewable materials. Things such as bamboo or Vetrazzo are recyclable and can be returned back to nature. If you buy a bathroom vanity from Premiere Vanities that is made out of a green sustainable substance, you are contributing positively to the maintaining a natural world.

Install shower and sink faucets that are energy efficient. There are a lot of models of low-flow showerheads that can cut your water consumption by nearly a half while still being able to keep you clean. If you want your lights to reflect an environmental consciousness, you can buy compact flourescent light bulbs. Finally, the best thing you can do to show that you care about the earth you inhabit is by living it everyday. Show that philosophy in every aspect of your daily routine and it will eventually become natural.

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I Need Big Bathroom Cabinets

 I have a serious problem. I am what they call a “pack rat”. That means that I may end up on the news one day with the headline “Young Woman Found Stuck In Home With Too Much Stuff”. I wouldn’t be able to escape past the doors of my house because I’d simply have too many iof my beloved possessions trapping me in. I am the first to admit it: I am a compulsive hoarder.

I recognize that it’s not natural to have 1,646 different kinds of tea pots. Or that I keep all the airline napkins that I have ever gotten. It’s an issue I’m trying to deal with. In the meantime, I just need a more reasonable storage solution. My bathroom was moderately sized when I moved into my house but now it’s been almost completely eclipsed by various towels, mouthwash bottles, razors, and empty shampoo bottles.

I decided that I need larger bathroom cabinets to accommodate all of my things. I can shuffle a large chunk of the less valuable items underneath the sink and into the spacious bathroom cabinets. I went online to find my bathroom cabinets and discovered a couple of really great ones from Premiere Vanities. They have bathroom vanities of all sizes and with their easily navigational site, I was able to find the one that I need and desire. It’s a 65 inch vanity with huge bathroom cabinets. If I wanted to, I could fit in there comfortably. I will get help for my pack rat tendencies but until then, these gargantuan bathroom cabinets will suffice just fine.

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