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Lowes Vanities Lose Against Premiere Vanities

I decided to do an experiment over the weekend. The war between commercial hardware stores and their online counterparts has never seemed so tense and bitterly conflicted. As a person who has just discovered online stores after being loyal to Lowes for over ten years, this battle between two different ways to do business was definitely inevitable. Here are some topics that I used to measure them up:

Round 1: Price
I went to Lowes this weekend to check out their bathroom vanities and my first requirement was price. The price tag of most of their bathroom vanities were moderate to cheap. I found a single bathroom vanity for only $200.  At Premiere Vanities, they ran upwards of around  $1,500 dollars. Lowes Wins.

Round 2: Quality
I discovered that the reason the Lowes vanities were so inexpensive is due to the fact that they are shoddily constructed. The hardwood looked outmoded and even in the store, the cabinet doors were flimsy. The drawers didn’t even fit in their slots correctly. Who built and assembled these units? Unattentive toddlers with no hands? What I hated most was the fact that they didn’t carry any double sink vanities! The double bathroom vanities are absolutely necessary in my household so I was dissapointed that they didn’t carry any.

On the other side of the ring, Premiere Vanities has the best selection of double bathroom vanities. They’re also elegant and beautiful to boot. They only use the best kind of wood and most of the ones I looked at are kiln-dried and properly dried. A lot of the antique ones had incredible details and accents. What I really enjoyed were their varieties of contemporary vanities because they are the epitome of sleek and modern. I imagined it fitting well in my home, next to my new jetted shower.  Premiere Vanities Wins.

Round 3: Customer Service
I like that Lowes has a service desk with customer service reps available in the case you have questions about your order. What I don’t like, however, is the fact that because they are a commercial company with many stores throughout the country, they are always busy. At least this seems to be the only reason I can explain their rude service. When I asked a simple question about the quality of the Lowes vanities, the man I spoke to gave me quite an attitude. Conversely, when I spoke to a representative at Premiere Vanities, she was exceedingly nice and helpful. She even shaved off a hundred dollars off the already affordable price! I don’t really think there is a contest in this war at all. Premiere Vanities Wins All.

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