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Mirror Mirror On The Vanity

Who is the fairest of them all? Everytime I wake up in the morning, I excitedly rise up out of my bed and prance to my bathroom. You can say that I am a “morning person” but the real reason that I love the early hours of the day is the moments I have with my bathroom vanity. 

It may sound strange but my wood vanity and I have a tight codependent relationship. I treat the mirror atop my vanity as a best friend who knows all my deepest and most clandestine secrets. When I go to the bathroom in the morning, I spend at least half an hour in front of my vanity telling her stories of my dreams and fears. She will often respond with a glimmer of her shiny reflective surface. If I ask her about my appearance and whether or not I look presentable, she will reveal the truth by either suddenly magnifying my flaws or brilliantly exhibiting my gloriousness. Sometimes, she will even soothe my tears over a cruel boyfriend by reminding me that I am still young and that I have many more years to go. 

Our relationship isn’t just about me, however. In return for her generous compliments and uplifting pick-me-ups, I take good care of her. Since she is made out of a cherry finished wood, I have to maintain its beautiful sheen pretty regularly. I go over her curved elegant legs with a soft cloth. Then I smooth along the top border of the mirror where she smiles back at me in appreciation. To clean her face, I spray some non-toxic glass cleaner solution on her mirror façade. Once my modern vanity is shiny and gleaming, I know that I have done a good job.

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