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Contemporary Bathroom Vanity Where Art Thou

Ever since we moved into our new digs, I’ve been wanting to find appropriate furnishings that reflect our lifestyles. You see, both my husband and I are working professionals. He owns his own architecture firm and I’m a fashion designer. Although both fields are often considered on the same level in terms of how design-forward they are, we actually both have relatively divergent tastes in what we find aesthetically pleasing. He likes bright module furniture that can be assembled with no screws while I prefer the avant garde kinds with sleek and modern straight edges.

What we both can agree upon is that we need a contemporary bathroom design. Contemporary vanities are just more in tune to what we find attractive. The difficult part is seeing eye to eye on the more specific features of the vanity. I decided that the only way to settle it was to go online to find a store that carries the bathroom vanity that fits us perfectly.

At Premiere Vanities, they have a fantastic selection of all different kinds of bathroom vanities. It was here that I spotted the bathroom vanity of my dreams. It’s a contemporary glass top double bathroom vanity. The square-ish porcelain sink basins sit above the natural stone countertops. All the little touches such as the faucet and legs are made out of a shiny steel. My favorite part, by far, is the tempered glass windows on the cabinets. It’s just so elegant! I showed my husband the bathroom vanity later and to my surprise, he loved it! I think we’ve finally found a common ground.

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