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Increase Your Homes Resale Value with a Double Bathroom Vanity

When you think about selling your home, take special notice of your kitchen and bathroom. These two areas of the home are the most important areas in terms of resale value for most buyers. Because the bathroom is one of the most-used areas in many homes, this area usually can use some fixing up before putting a house on the market.

One simple way to update a bathroom and add some resale value is to put in a double bathroom vanity. This type of vanity will allow two people to use a bathroom sink at the same time. Double bathroom vanity sinks work really well for children’s and adult bathrooms. When two or more children will be sharing a bathroom, a double bathroom vanity works really well and allows parents to envision smoother morning routines.
Adding double bathroom vanity sinks also can add value to the master bathroom. Many people now look for two bathrooms in the master suite, which is a hindrance to selling your house if you do not have that available. Adding two sinks is one way you can add to the perception that your house will work for a busy couple.
Bathroom vanities come in a range of styles. For a simple, contemporary bathroom, there are sleek black or standard white choices. Many manufacturers make these double sinks in others styles as well. The best part about the rise in popularity of double sinks is that they now come in various sizes. You should be able to find a double sink to fit the counter you already have installed, making the project much more feasible for the do-it-yourself project manager.

Though most people have a limited budget when it comes to remodeling for resale, it is possible to find a discount double bathroom vanity to do the project for little money. Double bathroom vanity sinks come in a wide range of colors and styles, depending on your budget. With a bit of shopping around, it is possible to complete this project without spending a significant amount of money. 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Purchasing a Vanity for your Bathroom Online is More Affordable

When you’re designing a theme for your house, and particularly when you’re focusing on your bathroom, you tend to forget one of the most important items: the bathroom vanity. Yet when you think about it, we spend a great deal of time looking at ourselves. From those quick glances in the rearview mirror before we turn off the car, to those sly looks in the windows of the offices we pass, it’s safe to say that even the humblest of people take note of their appearances.

Yet few of us have time to shop for that perfect bathroom vanity in an actual store. From rising gas prices to diminishing hours of leisure during tough economic times, online shopping has become the default method of shopping for those looking to maximize efficiency. And with the huge selection of bathroom vanity sinks available at your fingertips, who can argue? Not only are you able to find the exact fit that you might not otherwise encounter even in a large outlet, but you can comparison shop in a way never before possible while ensuring you get the item you want instead of settling for less. With so many possibilities, you owe it to yourself to make the switch in order to find the bathroom vanity you’ve always wanted delivered to your doorstep.


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Upgrading a Bathroom with a Bathroom Vanity

There are always important questions you must address when upgrading your bathroom vanity. Will the upgrade coincide with the rest of the decor? Is it cost-effective? Should I go with a traditional bathroom vanity or a contemporary bathroom vanity? These concerns all come into play when you’re thinking of upgrading your bathroom vanity. First, you must allocate enough space to facilitate the upgrade and incorporate plumbing and construction costs, remodeling materials, time, and labor. You must also think about the overall value it will add to the home and how your existing vanity will benefit from a change in the long run.

It is paramount to select the right style, color, and materials in order to attain a level of uniformity within your home. From double sinks and counter tops to lighting and cabinets, it’s imperative to keep functionality as a top priority before proceeding with a bathroom vanity area upgrade. You can go with an antique or modern look, as long as it meshes with your current design and is not a drastic departure from your existing scheme. A double vanity, however, usually fits quite well within any design you seek. The double vanities not only add a touch of class to your decor, but they’re also highly sought after in today’s homeowner market. It does not cost that much more than an individual unit, and is the perfect addition when thinking of selling your home.


When purchasing a new bathroom vanity, or starting a project on one, you must also add storage space to the equation. Your selections should be streamlined  if you would like to save on space and keep your bathroom looking modern and up to date. This can be accomplished by pinpointing the space needed for the project. You can eradicate cluttered areas, so you still have the freedom to move around and change areas if necessary. There should also be ample room left over for bathroom supplies, necessities, and items needed to maintain a fully functional and elegant bathroom.



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What to Look for in Quality Bathroom Vanity Cabinets

Bathroom vanity cabinets show your style and taste as they are the central piece to your bathroom furniture. Therefore, it is important to carefully choose and evaluate the quality of bathroom vanities that are available.

bathroom vanity cabinet that must be able to withstand the use it gets on a daily basis. Ever have a bathroom vanity cabinet with wood that curls on its side? What about door hinges that came off easily or drawers that came apart? We’re here to help you find quality bathroom vanity cabinets at a discounted price.
A quality bathroom vanity cabinet will not be manufactured wood, it will be solid wood; at least for the most part.
Even discount bathroom vanity cabinets will have quality hinges on the doors. Are the hinges hidden or seen? Be sure to do your research, look at the doors, and compare them with cheaper versions. The face of the doors and drawers should be solid wood too.
Another thing to look for in your new bathroom vanity cabinet is the construction of the drawers. Are they dovetailed? This is the best constructed drawer. Are the sides and bottom solid wood? If it is just manufactured wood or press board type wood with a thin bottom, stay away from it. It will fall apart. This includes particle board, which some manufacturers make the main cabinet from as well. This type of wood does not hold up to water very well either. Remember, this is for your bathroom.

Are the bathroom vanity cabinets you are looking at glued or stapled together? Does your bathroom vanity come with a sink? Most bathroom vanity cabinets include the sink and faucet. Be sure to take note of the brands and to go with a manufacturer that uses a reputable faucet brand. If your bathroom vanity cabinet does not come with a sink, then you will be paying for the sink and faucet on top of the cost of the cabinet.

These are just a few things to keep in mind while you are searching for the perfect vaniety set for your bathroom 

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