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Bathroom Vanity Cabinets – So Many Choices!

The days of a white box with a sink sitting on it masquerading as bathroom vanity cabinets are over! Times have certainly changed and the amount of styles, designs and colors for bathroom vanity cabinets is never-ending. Whether you prefer contemporary lines, vintage antique reproductions or sleek oak, there is something for everyone. Bathroom vanity cabinets have grown up!

To begin deciding on yourbathroom vanity cabinets there are a few things that you must consider. First of all, how much room do you have? Do you have the room for one of the larger bathroom vanity cabinets to give yourself more storage area? Do you want a special shape or design? Just keep in mind that the fancier you get and the more unusual size you look for, the more expensive it probably will be.

Some bathroom vanity cabinets have matching mirrored over-the-sink cabinets and other bathroom fixtures and furniture to go with it. Others are just very practical and a great place to store towels and other bathroom items. Whichever you decide, be very diligent in doing your homework and figure out exactly what you desire. Bathroom vanity cabinets are built to last many years, so in order to be extremely satisfied you need to be sure and buy exactly what you love.

When you are choosing bathroom vanity cabinets, keep in mind what type and color of sink you are going to use on top. If the bathroom vanity cabinets are vintage looking, perhaps a freestanding sink with vintage faucets might be nice. Or if you’re going to get a sleek, modern look, perhaps a beautiful granite with inlaid sink might be just what is needed. There are so many choices of sink materials as well as color that you really have to choose a bathroom vanity cabinet first so you can work everything else around it.

Bathroom vanity cabinets have become the centerpiece of the bathroom. Keep an open mind when choosing one, remembering that it’s something you will keep for quite awhile. If this is a full remodel, then try and decide what the basic décor will be and make sure that your vanity as well as all other bathroom furniture follows suit.

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Bathroom Vanities Are Essential In Your Bathroom

Bathroom vanities are a very important item in every bathroom. Although not many people realize it when choosing one, bathroom vanities are mainly used for storage of private items as well as holding towels, hair products and styling tools. Many times people who are buying bathroom vanities are concerned about the look only. They give very little thought to the storage capacity and if whether they prefer drawers or shelves. It’s just very important to realize that bathroom vanities don’t just look pretty; they are an essential and practical element in your bathroom.

Bathroom vanities come in as many shapes, sizes and colors as there are in the rainbow. And it doesn’t matter what size bathroom you have, there are bathroom vanities to fit every size, shape and style. Again, when choosing bathroom vanities, it’s very important to decide what you need for storage. If you are buying bathroom vanities for a guest bath then you might not need as much room as you would in a master bathroom.

When choosingbathroom vanities, it’s imperative that you know what style and decor will be in that specific bathroom. If you are doing a complete remodel, then you are starting from scratch so you can choose whichever design you’d like. Many bathroom vanities come in different shades of wood that can be matched to the woodwork in your home or you can match the walls or flooring. Also, make sure you accurately measure the space that the bathroom vanity will go into so that you don’t get one that is too large for the opening.

Sometimes, the opening is larger than the bathroom vanity that was there, and you can get a new vanity that is larger. Some bathroom vanities are double wide while others have double sinks mainly used for master bathrooms. Decide beforehand how much usable space you need from the vanity–normally this depends on what bathroom it will go into and how large your family is. Whatever you are looking for can be found. The market is flooded with all different shapes, sizes and colors. No matter what your needs, bathroom vanities that are perfect for your space are out there!

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Bathroom Furniture – The Bathroom Isn’t So Humble Anymore!

Bathroom furniture—who would have ever thought that from using bath facilities outside a couple hundred years ago, bathrooms would have come this far? Years ago the bathroom was just a place to do your business and leave. Today, it’s an entirely different story and now the bathroom is often one of the most chic rooms in the house. Whether you are looking for something that is very simple and practical or you want a piece of bathroom furniture complete with a granite top that looks like it might belong in the dining room, that’s totally up to your style, taste and the room you have to work with.

Think back, bathroom furniture was non-existent. The words themselves didn’t have meaning. But from those humble beginnings the modern bathroom has become a place to make yourself beautiful, finding total spa-like relaxation and soothing after a long, hard day. Whether you are looking for bathroom furniture that is more practical or totally avant-garde, there is such a large selection to choose from, the only problem people have is choosing which style to go with.

Bathroom furniture is exactly that, real furniture. Many pieces are beautifully designed and constructed out of wood, with faucets in gold, urinals, bidets and every type of bathroom vanity imaginable. Now that the bathroom has risen out of its previous humble state, people are just as concerned about how aesthetically pleasing the space is as they are about practicality. And with the elaborate bathroom furniture available, why ever go back to just a regular old porcelain toilet, sink and tub?

And have you seen the bathtubs that are reflecting back to yesteryear? Bathroom furniture with every modern convenience but with clawfoot bathtubs that make you believe you’ve stepped back in time. Vanities with carved wood add to the ambiance, and some antique picture frames and a few pieces of antique looking bathroom furniture and you’ve turned your bathroom into an experience to use. The problem is that once you’ve experienced the joy of exquisite bathroom furniture, you may find you can’t live without revamping the rest of your house!





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