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Amazing Transformations

Eye-catching transformations are taking place in many unique and various ways and have expanded beyond the bathroom mirror to a person’s entire physical and mental capacity.

Whether they are celebrities by their own right or are known purely for their drastically modified appearances – for better or worse – each of the following people have undergone a makeover so extreme that they simply cannot go unnoticed. Love ’em or hate ’em, these individuals capture the attention of all.

Christian Bale

“American Psycho”

Watching Christian Bale’s weight fluctuate is a lot like watching a pendulum swing. As the Oscar-winning actor lands a major role on the big screen, he’s forced to lose or gain a large amount of weight accordingly. It started with him bulking up for his role as a self-obsessed killer in 2000’s “American Psycho.”

“The Machinist”

Then came his dramatic and unsightly slim down when he lost 60-plus pounds for “The Machinist” in 2004. Bale had just one year to regain the weight for “Batman Begins,” which he did, but admittedly found it difficult to build back up the rippling muscles that he donned in “American Psycho.”

“The Fighter”

Most recently, Bale’s weight was the topic of discussion as he played a washed-up boxer in 2010’s “The Fighter.” Managing to make his body appear decrepit from years of drug abuse yet toned enough to believe he could knock somebody out may just be Bale’s greatest body trick to date.

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Michael Jackson

A young Jackson

To fully grasp the incredible changes we’ve all seen in Michael Jackson’s face throughout the last few decades, it’s best to view the whole timeline – before and after pictures really won’t cut it. Peering at MJ’s fresh, young face when he was part of The Jackson 5, we see a happy kid with the whole world in his hands.

By the time “Thriller” saturated the minds of MTV viewers, Jackson’s nose was noticeably pinched, his eyebrows a bit raised, and his skin a few shades lighter.

From there, his choice in cosmetic procedures caused his facial features to become more severe, more feminine, and, undoubtedly, even lighter.

MJ in 1998

Some may say his self-inflicted deformed appearance was a result of low self esteem and family issues, but whatever the motivation was, few can disagree that the

A few years before his death in 2009

King of Pop’s transformation helped to keep the attention on him.

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Cindy Jackson

You may not be able to tell from just looking at her, but Heidi Montag doesn’t have anything on Cindy Jackson, the “Guinness World Records” holder for the most cosmetic procedures. At 55 years old, Jackson has had nearly as many birthdays as cosmetic procedures – 52, currently.

Jackson before and after

Ranging from a typical nose job to an obsessive five face lifts and knee liposuction, Jackson’s cosmetic surgeries that “enhance” almost every part of her body don’t look as grotesque as they sound. Rather, she appears to be a woman who’s jumped on the anti-aging bandwagon a time or two. Yes, she looks young. Yes, you can see where an area on her face has been blown up and another part of her body deflated some. However, if you saw Jackson in the produce section of your grocery store, you might not look twice, or if you did, it might be because overall she really is an attractive lady, despite her many procedures. Do your eyes behold her beauty?

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Jocelyn Wildenstein

Even if the majority of us disagree with many celebrities’ extreme plastic surgery choices, few, if any, could believe that Jocelyn Wildenstein’s botched face was done by design. Dubbed “Cat Woman” and “The Bride of Wildenstein,” this wealthy socialite has reportedly shelled out $4 million to take on the appearance of a large cat.

While Wildenstein’s wild side is certainly not in question, her decision to trade in her “regular” good looks to resemble a feline is hard to fathom – much like a single person requiring double sink vanities. Possibly the most bizarre twist to the story is that Wildenstein is proud of her post-surgical looks and never misses an opportunity to bat her lashes at the camera or sneak her way around the charity circuit.

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Theresa Baxter

Baxter before meth

While she did it to herself like the others in this list, Theresa Baxter’s shocking transformation is not something she necessarily wanted. After just three and a half years on methamphetamines, Baxter’s appearance took a beating – a bad one. Prior to her meth addiction, Baxter was a pretty, normal-looking young woman who, had she chosen a healthier path, could have lived a happy life.

Baxter after meth

The downtrodden woman she has become, as seen in the “after” picture, looks over 10 years older than she did less than four years before. Missing and rotted teeth, cysts hidden behind bandages and a loss of 40 pounds are Baxter’s daily reminders of how the downward spiral of meth left its mark on her appearance. We can only imagine the damage done inside her body.

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David Smith

Smith throughout his transformation

Now that he’s not carrying around an extra 400 pounds everywhere he goes, David Smith is accomplishing a lot. With a flourishing career as a personal trainer, a special on TLC, and, most importantly, his good health, Smith’s future is bright.

Smith before and after

However, his struggle to morph from a 630-pound 24-year-old to a handsome, fit man in less than two years wasn’t easy. Surprisingly, Smith avoided surgery to achieve his weight loss goals and did it au natural through diet and exercise. Of course, turning to a plastic surgeon to remove the excess skin, and a dentist to enhance his smile, were just par for the course. There’s no doubt that Smith now enjoys what he sees in his bathroom vanity.

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Kelly Osbourne

Osbourne before and after

The image of Kelly Osbourne dressed in all black and hanging with her crazy family for MTV viewers to gawk at wasn’t just the beginning of her reality television movement; it was also the start of Osbourne’s metamorphosis.

Osbourne now

Few would have anticipated the chubby, drug-addicted teenager would blossom into a stylish young woman with both teenage boys and grown men pining for her. But, alas, the woman first famous for being Ozzy and Sharon Osbourne’s spawn has earned some bragging rights all her own. Her “Dancing With the Stars” stint in 2009 led her to drop 20 pounds, but she didn’t stop there.

Now down an inspiring 50 pounds, the lighter – and blonder – Osbourne is turning heads on magazine covers, red carpet shows, and as a co-host on E!’s “Fashion Police.” At a svelte 112 pounds, Osbourne has proven that a complete bodily transformation is possible.

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Jim Davis

Davis before

Jim Davis’s Army career began with him breaking both of his legs during basic training. He recovered and conquered that mishap, but then two injuries to his back ended his service time and put him on the VA’s partial disability list. His back pain escalated throughout the years, and in 2002, he took a nasty fall in his garage that tore his bicep tendon from his left elbow and damaged his hand’s nerves.

During Davis's transformation

He had surgery for arthritis in 2003, and a hiking accident in 2004 led to his right quad ripping off at the tendon. After that, Davis couldn’t walk up a curb without assistance.

Davis during a competition

Finally, in 2007, the right neurosurgeon was able to patch him back up for good and Davis began his journey of drastically reducing his body fat – from 34% to 8% – and building up his muscles. At 56 years old, Davis now struts his stuff in bodybuilding championships. Quite shocking, wouldn’t you agree?

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Transgendered Woman

Her name is a mystery, but her transformation from a masculine, bearded man to a completely different person – a beautiful woman – is unmistakable. Sure, changing her name, dropping pounds, losing the facial hair, and gaining breasts are changes you would expect to see in a man becoming a woman. But thanks to the effects of HRT (hormone replacement therapy), this woman truly appears to be all woman. Even her facial features and posture are completely feminine. In addition to her incredible body transformation, her self-esteem increased ten-fold and her story offers hope for anyone who doesn’t feel comfortable in their own skin and wants to do something about it.

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Geraldine Morgan

Morgan during her training

Geraldine Morgan is not a newbie to the world of bodybuilding. Since she was 15 years old, Morgan has been training her muscles to bulge and ripple like a champ. Her foray into competitions began in 1998, and she maintains her status as a confident and – ahem – – muscular woman.

Morgan competing

Like many women bodybuilders, Morgan continues to aspire for bigger muscles and is diligent at practicing her craft. How her body has changed throughout the years is pretty obvious; she started out as an average-sized woman and now fits the label “mega-buff” quite easily. While it is easy for those outside of the bodybuilding community to say that her physique is simply not meant to look that way, Morgan’s profession as a civil engineer refutes the belief that she may be off her rocker.

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While you may not agree with them all, the awe-inspiring transformations here are proof that anyone can change not only their appearance, but their attitudes as well. The next time you come across an area in your life you wish you could change, read through these stories again and you’re sure to be inspired to finally make the transition!



**This article was written by Premiere Vanities, a leading provider of bathroom vanities and linen closets.

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Practical Reasons to Have a Bath Vanity

Contemporary Square Sink Bathroom VanityWhen it comes to redecorating a home, often the bathroom is neglected in the process. Still, shouldn’t it be every bit as inviting as the rest of the home?

Nothing can turn around the look of an outdated, tired bathroom than a bath vanity. It is the latest trend in bathroom remodeling and a wonderful addition to the home.

Three Practical Reasons to Have a Bathroom Vanity

  • Space-Saver: Easier to organize and store linens, sheets, towels and other necessities.
  • Lighting: Bathroom lighting above a well-placed vanity provides a better view when applying makeup or shaving in front of the mirror, not to mention the extra countertop space you can use to organize your personal hygiene products while you’re getting ready.
  • New Design: Attractive way to modernize the bathroom and give it a new look.

Bath vanities come in many beautiful styles, colors and designs. Marble and granite countertops are the most popular as they are both stylish and durable. When choosing the cabinetry, wood products are very popular. Quality dark cherry, teak or mahogany woods are kiln-dried for stability and durability, and then they are sealed to prevent staining and watermarks. Choosing a cream or light colored countertop to contrast the dark wood, adds an old-world charm to this bath vanity.

If you’re looking for a more contemporary look, you can choose a bath vanity with chrome accents and frosted glass cabinet doors. Topped with your choice of black, sesame gray, pearl blue or tropical brown granite countertops, this style gives a clean, modern look to your bathroom. You can add towels, soap holders and other accessories to finish off the room with your own personal touch.

There are so many bath vanities to choose from, it’s easy to find one to reflect your personal decorating style without spending a fortune. A bath vanity will turn your bathroom into the room you can be proud to display.

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New Life for an Old Vanity

These days, everyone wants his or her home to get back to a simpler time. As technology and the Internet dominate our social and working lives, a growing emphasis is placed on the home as a place to slow down. The paradigm we are beginning to embrace is that the speed of the modern world is too great; we need a release, a chance to throw on the brakes. Being at home should give us that chance.

When we relax at home we seem to step into an older time, when the world was simpler and moved at a slower pace. For modern home architects, the challenge is to somehow build this mode of thinking into the physical home itself. In other words, the home of tomorrow is starting to look a lot like the home of yesterday. Old designs and antique furniture are making their way into more and more homes, signaling a shift in home architecture away from the shiny steel and glass so popular only a few years ago. These days, people want wood; preferably, wood that looks and feels as though its heyday was before any of us were born. But just because something looks antique doesn’t mean that it has to function like an antique. Indeed, a major trend in home architecture these days is an effort to learn how to make old things work like new or, conversely, learning how to make new things look old as is the case with “antique bathroom vanities“. This trend manifests in a number of ways, including:

• Increasing Use of Antique Furniture
Some antique furniture can be used for its original purpose; other pieces may, out of necessity or preference, be repurposed. For example, an antique chest of drawers can have a space cut out on top for a sink, and thus be converted to a bathroom vanity.

• Refurbishing Old Pieces
Instead of buying new furniture every time an old piece begins to show its age, exercise a little ingenuity, and you can have something that feels vintage but looks great. The Chicago Tribune tells the story of a woman who gave new life to a pair of ugly old bathroom vanities with simply new coat of paint.

• Letting Your Garden Grow
The overgrown garden is not an old style per se, but having one gives your home a sense of having been lived in. They are also attractive and fun to explore.

These techniques, among others, can make your home a place where antiquity thrives and an escape is made from the busy, modern world.

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