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The Changing Face of Beauty

Bath vanities are for…. well, they are for being vain. So we thought that we’d take a look at beauty trends throughout history in this infographic. Enjoy.

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Three Practical Reasons to Have a Bathroom Vanity

When it comes to redecorating a home, often the bathroom is neglected in the process. Still, shouldn’t it be every bit as inviting as the rest of the home?

Nothing can turn around the look of an outdated, tired bathroom than a bath vanity. It is the latest trend in bathroom remodeling and a wonderful addition to the home.

Three Practical Reasons to Have a Bathroom Vanity

• Space-Saver: Easier to organize and store linens, sheets, towels and other necessities.

• Lighting: Bathroom lighting above a well-placed vanity provides a better view when applying makeup or shaving in front of the mirror, not to mention the extra countertop space you can use to organize your personal hygiene products while you’re getting ready.

• New Design: Attractive way to modernize the bathroom and give it a new look.

Bath vanities come in many beautiful styles, colors and designs. Marble and granite countertops are the most popular as they are both stylish and durable. When choosing the cabinetry, wood products are very popular. Quality dark cherry, teak or mahogany woods are kiln-dried for stability and durability, and then they are sealed to prevent staining and watermarks. Choosing a cream or light colored countertop to contrast the dark wood, adds an old-world charm to this bath vanity.

If you’re looking for a more contemporary look, you can choose a bath vanity with chrome accents and frosted glass cabinet doors. Topped with your choice of black, sesame gray, pearl blue or tropical brown granite countertops, this style gives a clean, modern look to your bathroom. You can add towels, soap holders and other accessories to finish off the room with your own personal touch.

There are so many bath vanities to choose from, it’s easy to find one to reflect your personal decorating style without spending a fortune. A bath vanity will turn your bathroom into the room you can be proud to display.



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