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5 Beautiful Bathroom Countertops Every Homeowner Should Know

Double Bathroom Vanity

Photo: Jennifer Worts

The ideal bathroom countertop is affordable, functional and durable. But it should also be beautiful, adding aesthetic appeal to the bathroom for years to come. Fortunately, that last criteria is the easiest to fulfill. In fact, no matter your price point, you can find countertops that will add beauty to this hard-working room.

To help you out, I’ve gathered my top five picks for countertops that, with the right care, will still look amazing down the road. While countertop prices generally range from $10 to $100+ per square foot, installed, they can vary from state to state and from installation to installation. You’ll want to be sure to get detailed cost information from your bathroom contractor.

Here are five countertop materials to get you started.

1. Laminate

The most affordable option for countertops, laminate is formed by bonding paper and melamine resin. At prices starting at $8 per square foot, post-formed laminate is the least expensive. These ready-made counters, however, offer few custom options. High-pressure laminate is available starting at $10 per square foot, and comes in a broad array of colors and styles. If done well, some offer the look of natural stone. While laminate is extremely durable, it is costly to repair.

2. Ceramic Tile

With prices starting at under $25 per square foot, ceramic tiles offer waterproof bathroom countertops at an affordable price. Glazed tiles are non-porous and durable, and are available in a wide range of colors, patterns and textures. A major drawback are the grout lines that divide them. Grout needs frequent attention to keep it looking fresh. Gray grout, however, is growing in popularity. Gray grout not only needs less maintenance, but adds a subtle, decorative touch to tile countertops.

3. Fiber Cement

For both the look and the feel of stone at a reasonable price, fiber cement countertops are a good option. Prices start at $30 per square foot. The material resembles slate, but is far more versatile, as it can be ordered and cut into just about any shape imaginable. Colors are limited, however. Fiber cement usually comes in red, green, light gray and dark gray. Fiber cement’s main drawback for bathroom countertops is that it is porous and must be resealed every few months.

4. Solid Surfacing

Made from polyester or cast-acrylic, solid surfacing prices start at $45 per square foot. These hardened plastics are extremely durable and entirely non-porous. The easy-care material can be cut to any specification. Manufacturers continually release new patterns and colors, including several new ones that resemble quartz, mica or glass.

5. Stone

Stone is considered the most luxurious material for countertops, both for its elegant look and for its price. The most durable stones are often the most expensive. For sheer beauty, it’s hard to match the look of marble. A fine Italian marble starts at about $100 per square foot. Many stones, but not all, can be polished or honed. Most stone materials require periodic sealing.

What type of countertop and vanity are you looking for? Let us know in the comments and we’ll set you up with some feedback.

Brittany Mauriss is editor for, an awesome free service that connects you with bathroom remodeling contractors for any phase of your project. We’re also good for inspiration, pictures, bathroom remodeling ideas, and one-on-one homeowner talk.

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Three Practical Reasons to Have a Bathroom Vanity

When it comes to redecorating a home, often the bathroom is neglected in the process. Still, shouldn’t it be every bit as inviting as the rest of the home?

Nothing can turn around the look of an outdated, tired bathroom than a bath vanity. It is the latest trend in bathroom remodeling and a wonderful addition to the home.

Three Practical Reasons to Have a Bathroom Vanity

• Space-Saver: Easier to organize and store linens, sheets, towels and other necessities.

• Lighting: Bathroom lighting above a well-placed vanity provides a better view when applying makeup or shaving in front of the mirror, not to mention the extra countertop space you can use to organize your personal hygiene products while you’re getting ready.

• New Design: Attractive way to modernize the bathroom and give it a new look.

Bath vanities come in many beautiful styles, colors and designs. Marble and granite countertops are the most popular as they are both stylish and durable. When choosing the cabinetry, wood products are very popular. Quality dark cherry, teak or mahogany woods are kiln-dried for stability and durability, and then they are sealed to prevent staining and watermarks. Choosing a cream or light colored countertop to contrast the dark wood, adds an old-world charm to this bath vanity.

If you’re looking for a more contemporary look, you can choose a bath vanity with chrome accents and frosted glass cabinet doors. Topped with your choice of black, sesame gray, pearl blue or tropical brown granite countertops, this style gives a clean, modern look to your bathroom. You can add towels, soap holders and other accessories to finish off the room with your own personal touch.

There are so many bath vanities to choose from, it’s easy to find one to reflect your personal decorating style without spending a fortune. A bath vanity will turn your bathroom into the room you can be proud to display.



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What to Look for in Bathroom Vanities

A stylish bathroom vanity can make or break your bathroom design. With so many options and designs out there it can be a job in itself to find a quality vanity that fits your design. has taken care of that by finding only the best quality vanities to add to their ever growing selection of contemporary and antique bathroom vanities online. But this doesn’t mean that you should just go blindly into your bathroom vanity hunt. There are certain things to look for when finding the vanity of your dreams.

A feature that should be standard for all your bathroom vanities is solid wood construction. The majority of our vanities features solid oak wood that his been properly dried and finished to prevent splitting and warping. The framework should be made of seven-layer plywood for additional durability and strength. Other welcome features that you may want to keep in mind are soft closing drawers, European hinges and natural stone counter tops.

Aside from those features and options, look out for mirrors framed in the same finish as well as any linen cabinets available. Bringing a look together can be as easy as adding those additional pieces. At, finding the quality vanity of your dreams is as clicking on any vanity on our site.

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Single Bathroom Vanities When You Need More Storage

Most people do not realize it, but single bathroom vanities are the perfect solution when you need more storage space. They fit in pretty much any spot you may need, and can hold many items all behind closed doors so no one sees them but you. Just remember that you do not want to make a mistake measuring. Be aware that you have to measure exactly how big a space you have to install single bathroom vanities. Most times the sizes are pretty basic, although they do come in very small sizes as well as large.

Single bathroom vanities can give your bathroom an entirely different look. No matter what your design needs are, there will be one that is perfect for you. Single bathroom vanities come in wood, classic styles, contemporary metal and glass and every color imaginable. Make sure that the plumbing is ready to go and if that’s the case, the installation is very simple for any plumber to do.

Single bathroom vanities serve as the center of the bathroom so it’s important to understand which one is best for you. Matching the existing fixtures such as the toilet and the tub regarding style, design and color is important for the vanity to work with its surroundings. If you are doing a total remodeling job, then when purchasing single bathroom vanities, the sky’s the limit. There are single bathroom vanities in every shape, width and design. As already stated, just make sure that you measure correctly before purchasing your vanity or you might face a problem that you’d rather not have to deal with.

Single bathroom vanities get the most wear and tear in your bathroom and are usually the first to show scratches, chips and nicks. If that’s the case, you might not have to do an entire remodeling job. With a new vanity and some new paint, the entire bathroom will come alive again. And as already explained, the selection of styles with regards to single bathroom vanities is remarkable so you will definitely find whatever design and color you would like.

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Bathroom Vanity Cabinets – So Many Choices!

The days of a white box with a sink sitting on it masquerading as bathroom vanity cabinets are over! Times have certainly changed and the amount of styles, designs and colors for bathroom vanity cabinets is never-ending. Whether you prefer contemporary lines, vintage antique reproductions or sleek oak, there is something for everyone. Bathroom vanity cabinets have grown up!

To begin deciding on yourbathroom vanity cabinets there are a few things that you must consider. First of all, how much room do you have? Do you have the room for one of the larger bathroom vanity cabinets to give yourself more storage area? Do you want a special shape or design? Just keep in mind that the fancier you get and the more unusual size you look for, the more expensive it probably will be.

Some bathroom vanity cabinets have matching mirrored over-the-sink cabinets and other bathroom fixtures and furniture to go with it. Others are just very practical and a great place to store towels and other bathroom items. Whichever you decide, be very diligent in doing your homework and figure out exactly what you desire. Bathroom vanity cabinets are built to last many years, so in order to be extremely satisfied you need to be sure and buy exactly what you love.

When you are choosing bathroom vanity cabinets, keep in mind what type and color of sink you are going to use on top. If the bathroom vanity cabinets are vintage looking, perhaps a freestanding sink with vintage faucets might be nice. Or if you’re going to get a sleek, modern look, perhaps a beautiful granite with inlaid sink might be just what is needed. There are so many choices of sink materials as well as color that you really have to choose a bathroom vanity cabinet first so you can work everything else around it.

Bathroom vanity cabinets have become the centerpiece of the bathroom. Keep an open mind when choosing one, remembering that it’s something you will keep for quite awhile. If this is a full remodel, then try and decide what the basic décor will be and make sure that your vanity as well as all other bathroom furniture follows suit.

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