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New Life for an Old Vanity

These days, everyone wants his or her home to get back to a simpler time. As technology and the Internet dominate our social and working lives, a growing emphasis is placed on the home as a place to slow down. The paradigm we are beginning to embrace is that the speed of the modern world is too great; we need a release, a chance to throw on the brakes. Being at home should give us that chance.

When we relax at home we seem to step into an older time, when the world was simpler and moved at a slower pace. For modern home architects, the challenge is to somehow build this mode of thinking into the physical home itself. In other words, the home of tomorrow is starting to look a lot like the home of yesterday. Old designs and antique furniture are making their way into more and more homes, signaling a shift in home architecture away from the shiny steel and glass so popular only a few years ago. These days, people want wood; preferably, wood that looks and feels as though its heyday was before any of us were born. But just because something looks antique doesn’t mean that it has to function like an antique. Indeed, a major trend in home architecture these days is an effort to learn how to make old things work like new or, conversely, learning how to make new things look old as is the case with “antique bathroom vanities“. This trend manifests in a number of ways, including:

• Increasing Use of Antique Furniture
Some antique furniture can be used for its original purpose; other pieces may, out of necessity or preference, be repurposed. For example, an antique chest of drawers can have a space cut out on top for a sink, and thus be converted to a bathroom vanity.

• Refurbishing Old Pieces
Instead of buying new furniture every time an old piece begins to show its age, exercise a little ingenuity, and you can have something that feels vintage but looks great. The Chicago Tribune tells the story of a woman who gave new life to a pair of ugly old bathroom vanities with simply new coat of paint.

• Letting Your Garden Grow
The overgrown garden is not an old style per se, but having one gives your home a sense of having been lived in. They are also attractive and fun to explore.

These techniques, among others, can make your home a place where antiquity thrives and an escape is made from the busy, modern world.

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Decide What Kind of Vanities You Prefer Before Shopping

With so many different vanities to choose from it’s easy to see how a homeowner could feel intimidated when shopping for new furniture to revamp their bathroom. There are furniture-style vanities, antique reproductions, ultra modern wall-hung units with open shelving, conventional units, and a wide variety of sink designs to choose from. If you know what kind of vanities you are looking for before you start shopping, then you can avoid being one of those intimidated buyers who might just make a purchase they regret.

Homeowners with full sized bathrooms and very sophisticated tastes may preferfurniture-style vanities, because they give a very finished and refined look to a larger master bath. These vanities are designed to look and function like other furniture items such as dressers, buffets, and chests of drawers. Upholstered vanity seating is often available for these finer furniture sets as well. Antique reproductions are the perfect vanities for people who prefer the appearance of older classic furniture. While real antiques would need to be refitted for modern plumbing, reproductions come ready to install on day one. 

Antique reproduction vanities have all the beauty without any of the hassles. Modern vanities tend to be much more minimalist in their design and often have open shelving hung on the wall rather than elaborately designed freestanding cabinets. Metallic fixtures, contemporary lighting and simple wall-mounted mirrors are also commonplace. More innovative options such as vessel sinks are also available, which resemble a bowl that sits on top of the bathroom vanity.

If you prefer to stick with what you know, there are also the tried and true conventional vanities. These include bathroom cabinets with storage space for towels, washcloths, toiletries and more. As long as you buy what you like and look for high quality you can’t go wrong.


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Bath Vanities From Another Era

 As a self-professed nostalgia hunter, I like to find antiques that were popular during certain historical periods. In fact, my home is a Victorian-era home built somewhere around the turn of the 20th century. The aspect I love most about my home is that much of the original flair remains. The marble fireplace, the beautiful crown molding, elaborate pediments over the doors–all of it stands as it would when it was first built. I didn’t want to reproduce the look so much as I wanted to preserve it. There are many ways to actually achieve this. The most important one is by buying time-appropriate furniture.

Lately, I have discovered that purchasing antique fixtures is increasingly difficult. Since my husband got laid off from his job, we don’t have much expendable income. Unfortunately, this also means I have less of an incentive to buy the $3,000 authentic antique bathroom vanities that my heart beats so ardently for.

Reluctantly, I decided that perhaps I should cut back on my spending. The other day, as I was surfing the Internet, I stumbled upon a site called “Premiere Vanities”. They sell everything bath vanities. On a whim, I browsed through their traditional and antique bath vanities. I know they’re not authentically antique but boy, do they have the same old-world charm! I guess I never knew that modernly built furniture could have a lot of the same qualities as rustic pieces. The wood is just as rich and the marble is just as luxurious as it would be with any old-fashioned bathroom vanity. Actually, it has all the look and feel of an antique but without the oftentimes dated quality. 

I put in an order for one of their antique white single bath vanities and I expect it to arrive within the next week or so! I can’t be more excited.


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