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Decide What Kind of Vanities You Prefer Before Shopping

With so many different vanities to choose from it’s easy to see how a homeowner could feel intimidated when shopping for new furniture to revamp their bathroom. There are furniture-style vanities, antique reproductions, ultra modern wall-hung units with open shelving, conventional units, and a wide variety of sink designs to choose from. If you know what kind of vanities you are looking for before you start shopping, then you can avoid being one of those intimidated buyers who might just make a purchase they regret.

Homeowners with full sized bathrooms and very sophisticated tastes may preferfurniture-style vanities, because they give a very finished and refined look to a larger master bath. These vanities are designed to look and function like other furniture items such as dressers, buffets, and chests of drawers. Upholstered vanity seating is often available for these finer furniture sets as well. Antique reproductions are the perfect vanities for people who prefer the appearance of older classic furniture. While real antiques would need to be refitted for modern plumbing, reproductions come ready to install on day one. 

Antique reproduction vanities have all the beauty without any of the hassles. Modern vanities tend to be much more minimalist in their design and often have open shelving hung on the wall rather than elaborately designed freestanding cabinets. Metallic fixtures, contemporary lighting and simple wall-mounted mirrors are also commonplace. More innovative options such as vessel sinks are also available, which resemble a bowl that sits on top of the bathroom vanity.

If you prefer to stick with what you know, there are also the tried and true conventional vanities. These include bathroom cabinets with storage space for towels, washcloths, toiletries and more. As long as you buy what you like and look for high quality you can’t go wrong.


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Anyone Can Enjoy the Benefits of Double Bathroom Vanities

Not everyone has enough space to install double bathroom vanities in their homes, but for those who do it is a very beneficial addition to the room. It’s obvious that couples love double bathroom vanities because they both have their own sink to get ready in the morning or wash up before bed at night. But even single people like having double bathroom vanities because they have more counter space and an extra sink to wash delicates in or have overnight guests use in the morning. Anyone can appreciate the benefits of this vanity design.
The main benefit of double bathroom vanities is, of course, the extra sink. While it’s nice for a single person, it’s practically a necessity for a married couple, especially if this is the only bathroom they use. Having two sinks will prevent those early morning arguments over who gets to use the sink first. But anyone can appreciate the convenience of an extra sink and faucet.
The extra counter space that comes with double bathroom vanities also makes this an attractive option for couples and singles alike. The extra space can be used for a toothbrush holder, drinking cups, face washes, lotions, perfumes, candles, and various toiletries. Or for the ultra-tidy, these items can all be stowed away in drawers and cabinets underneath the sink and spread out on the counter with space to spare when they’re being used.

While double bathroom vanities are obviously most attractive to couples that cohabitate, they are very convenient and luxurious for single people as well.  The extra sink, additional storage, extended storage space and innovative designs make the double sink an option worth considering for any type of homeowner.  


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Creating the Perfect His and Her Bathroom with a Double Vanity

There’s a saying about the kitchen being the heart of the home. If that’s the case, then the bathroom is the backbone. Have you ever watched two people try to get ready to go out at the same time, whether for a night on the town or heading to work? It’s comical seeing them bump into each other as they race the clock or nudge each other out of the way so they can get a turn at the bathroom vanity sink.

Quite often in many households, the man will be shaving while the wife uses a portion of the mirror to put on her make-up. This is their idea of sharing the bathroom vanity space.
Then it happens. One of them will mention the hair or eye shadow crumbs in the sink or that their personal things have been moved around and just like that, the fight ensues. Instead of family harmony, there’s yelling.
For true marital bliss, the easy solution would be to have separate bathrooms. Since his and her bathrooms are totally out of the question for most people, the next best thing is to put in a double bathroom vanity. These sixty-one inch twin sink wonders just might save a few marriages.
Now the man can have his things arranged – or not arranged – as he sees fit and the woman can have her candles and make-up set up her way. The cabinet under the double bathroom vanity should also be given some thought. For about $500, you can get a cabinet that has doors under each bathroom vanity sink and three drawers in the center.
Just think of the possibilities. He would have his drawer, she would have hers, and there would be a drawer left over for co-mingled extra supplies. With this type of bathroom vanity, each person gets his or her own space while still sharing the room.
It’s impossible for two people living together to agree on everything. When the disputes occur about the bathroom vanity sink, the solution is an easy fix with a double vanity sink.


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Contemporary Bathroom Vanity Where Art Thou

Ever since we moved into our new digs, I’ve been wanting to find appropriate furnishings that reflect our lifestyles. You see, both my husband and I are working professionals. He owns his own architecture firm and I’m a fashion designer. Although both fields are often considered on the same level in terms of how design-forward they are, we actually both have relatively divergent tastes in what we find aesthetically pleasing. He likes bright module furniture that can be assembled with no screws while I prefer the avant garde kinds with sleek and modern straight edges.

What we both can agree upon is that we need a contemporary bathroom design. Contemporary vanities are just more in tune to what we find attractive. The difficult part is seeing eye to eye on the more specific features of the vanity. I decided that the only way to settle it was to go online to find a store that carries the bathroom vanity that fits us perfectly.

At Premiere Vanities, they have a fantastic selection of all different kinds of bathroom vanities. It was here that I spotted the bathroom vanity of my dreams. It’s a contemporary glass top double bathroom vanity. The square-ish porcelain sink basins sit above the natural stone countertops. All the little touches such as the faucet and legs are made out of a shiny steel. My favorite part, by far, is the tempered glass windows on the cabinets. It’s just so elegant! I showed my husband the bathroom vanity later and to my surprise, he loved it! I think we’ve finally found a common ground.

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Lowes Vanities Lose Against Premiere Vanities

I decided to do an experiment over the weekend. The war between commercial hardware stores and their online counterparts has never seemed so tense and bitterly conflicted. As a person who has just discovered online stores after being loyal to Lowes for over ten years, this battle between two different ways to do business was definitely inevitable. Here are some topics that I used to measure them up:

Round 1: Price
I went to Lowes this weekend to check out their bathroom vanities and my first requirement was price. The price tag of most of their bathroom vanities were moderate to cheap. I found a single bathroom vanity for only $200.  At Premiere Vanities, they ran upwards of around  $1,500 dollars. Lowes Wins.

Round 2: Quality
I discovered that the reason the Lowes vanities were so inexpensive is due to the fact that they are shoddily constructed. The hardwood looked outmoded and even in the store, the cabinet doors were flimsy. The drawers didn’t even fit in their slots correctly. Who built and assembled these units? Unattentive toddlers with no hands? What I hated most was the fact that they didn’t carry any double sink vanities! The double bathroom vanities are absolutely necessary in my household so I was dissapointed that they didn’t carry any.

On the other side of the ring, Premiere Vanities has the best selection of double bathroom vanities. They’re also elegant and beautiful to boot. They only use the best kind of wood and most of the ones I looked at are kiln-dried and properly dried. A lot of the antique ones had incredible details and accents. What I really enjoyed were their varieties of contemporary vanities because they are the epitome of sleek and modern. I imagined it fitting well in my home, next to my new jetted shower.  Premiere Vanities Wins.

Round 3: Customer Service
I like that Lowes has a service desk with customer service reps available in the case you have questions about your order. What I don’t like, however, is the fact that because they are a commercial company with many stores throughout the country, they are always busy. At least this seems to be the only reason I can explain their rude service. When I asked a simple question about the quality of the Lowes vanities, the man I spoke to gave me quite an attitude. Conversely, when I spoke to a representative at Premiere Vanities, she was exceedingly nice and helpful. She even shaved off a hundred dollars off the already affordable price! I don’t really think there is a contest in this war at all. Premiere Vanities Wins All.

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