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Decide What Kind of Vanities You Prefer Before Shopping

With so many different vanities to choose from it’s easy to see how a homeowner could feel intimidated when shopping for new furniture to revamp their bathroom. There are furniture-style vanities, antique reproductions, ultra modern wall-hung units with open shelving, conventional units, and a wide variety of sink designs to choose from. If you know what kind of vanities you are looking for before you start shopping, then you can avoid being one of those intimidated buyers who might just make a purchase they regret.

Homeowners with full sized bathrooms and very sophisticated tastes may preferfurniture-style vanities, because they give a very finished and refined look to a larger master bath. These vanities are designed to look and function like other furniture items such as dressers, buffets, and chests of drawers. Upholstered vanity seating is often available for these finer furniture sets as well. Antique reproductions are the perfect vanities for people who prefer the appearance of older classic furniture. While real antiques would need to be refitted for modern plumbing, reproductions come ready to install on day one. 

Antique reproduction vanities have all the beauty without any of the hassles. Modern vanities tend to be much more minimalist in their design and often have open shelving hung on the wall rather than elaborately designed freestanding cabinets. Metallic fixtures, contemporary lighting and simple wall-mounted mirrors are also commonplace. More innovative options such as vessel sinks are also available, which resemble a bowl that sits on top of the bathroom vanity.

If you prefer to stick with what you know, there are also the tried and true conventional vanities. These include bathroom cabinets with storage space for towels, washcloths, toiletries and more. As long as you buy what you like and look for high quality you can’t go wrong.


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Why Bathroom Vanities From Premiere Vanities Are Better Than Home Depot

 I know, I know. “Them’s fightin’ words!” I do have a good reason that I will explain to you in the proceeding entry.

You see, I used to be a Home Depot junkie too. I mean, practically everything in my home had the “Home Depot” logo on it. The reason I really frequented this place so much was because it’s only about ten miles from my home. I know that convenience shouldn’t be the motive to spend thousands of dollars but as a busy father, I simply don’t have time to stray from well-established habits. Eventually, I learned that Home Depot wasn’t as infallible as I had thought. It all started when I purchased a couple wooden single bathroom vanities.

The wood bathroom vanity that I bought was fine when I bought it. About two months into it, the cabinet doors came apart. Two months! I fixed it and moved on. No big deal. Then later, I heard from a friend who worked at Home Depot that their wood products come from old growth forests. I am by no means a “tree hugger” but I do feel that we should all do our part to be eco-conscious. The fact the wood on my vanity was obtained from a primary forest made me blow my top. I knew that this once symbiotic relationship between me and Home Depot was officially over.

Soon after, I went online and decided to find a vanity that way. Even if it would take some time to arrive at my door, I knew I did not want to physically enter a hardware store for awhile. The wound was too fresh.  There was no way I was going to resort to having vanities Home Depot style.

I found this online store called Premiere Vanities that sells all kinds of bathroom vanities large and small. When I spoke to their customer rep—who, by the way, is the nicest person I have ever spoken to—she told me that they had a new line of environmentally friendly “green” vanities. The best part about it is that they are all so affordable! I placed my order right then and there. I have had my Premiere Vanities wood vanity for 5 years now and I am not one bit afraid that the cabinets will break off on me.

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