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Old World Style with Antique Vanities

Antique style furniture has always been a crowd favorite when looking for a remodel or to bring new life into an existing space. With the bathroom space, incorporating antique style designs and décor into the space will create a grand sense of flair and sophistication. If done correctly, an antique style bathroom will be the awe of your friends and family.

Antique bathroom vanities typically have ornate features such as finely carved wood designs and clawfoot style legs. They are as much a piece of art as any painting or tapestry you would hang on the wall. If accented with a natural stone top, these artworks will be the focal point of your bathroom remodel. Avoid using a vanity that isn’t made of solid wood as they lack the quality and wood grain that make a basic vanity timeless. On top of that, the trick is to compliment your bathroom vanity with décor and pieces that are simpler in nature so your space doesn’t become too gaudy or ornate. Painting the walls soft colors or light textured wallpaper will meld two styles together and creates a more transitional space that is serene yet sophisticated.

Completing the room with matching linen cabinets and mirrors will create a cohesive style that looks well thought out and planned. If space and personal tastes allow, consider an antique reproduction bathtub such as a clawfoot or Swedish-soaking bathtub to compliment your Old World taste.

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Bathroom Renovations: How to Make a Cohesive Look

When renovating any room, you run into hundreds of decisions. What appliances and furniture do you want? What color paint should you use? What is the new theme going to be? Renovating the bathroom is no different.

Plan Your Theme

The look and feel of your bathroom is very important. What kind of feeling are you trying to convey? Before you rip out your tub, get a new vanity and rip up the floor, you need to know what you want the room to look like. You can get inspiration in a variety of ways. Check out home décor magazines, enlist your friends’ opinions and browsing the web are all great places to start. Once you have the look and feel nailed down, it’s time to put your thoughts into action.


Choosing the right flooring for your bathroom can cause headaches. You have to decide what material you want, and it sets the foundation for your overall theme. Remember you won’t be changing the flooring often, so finding neutral colors is a great idea. Also, look for flooring that is timeless. You don’t want your flooring to look dated in two years because you jumped on a trend that won’t be in vogue next year.

New Bathtub

Choosing the perfect bathtub can be an arduous task. Many people are now finding customization as a great option. Purchasing a customized bathtub is a great way to ensure you get everything you want in a tub with no compromises.


Once your bathtub has been chosen, you want to make sure the vanity you choose fits the look and feel of your bathtub. Many couples love the functionality of double bathroom vanities as it let’s both people do their coifing needs at the same time.


Since you can easily change the color of your bathroom without a major overhaul, you can take a little more risk in the color choice. Remember you can add color with décor, so a neutral color isn’t always a bad option. Depending on the size of your bathroom an accent wall might work well too.


Once the main features of your bathroom are finished, it’s time to look at décor. This is the time you can up the wow factor on small pieces. Trendy items can easily be changed, and isn’t a fixed item such as the tub or vanity might be. Add pops of color with the shower curtain or rug. If you are low on storage, find some shelves to showcase your beautiful towels.

In the end, the best thing to remember is to have a clear plan before starting any renovation. Once you have a strong foundation of what the look and feel of the room is going to be, the rest can fall into place. Set a budget and start looking for your dream bathroom!

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Unique Bathroom Vanities

While we do love our selection of bathroom vanities, it’s always great to see what unique and different bathroom vanities are out there. Jump over to our Pinterest page to see some of the vanities that we think are amazing and unique! Below are just some of the vanities that we found on Pinterest.

A big trend right now is repurposing and reusing older materials to create a truly one-of-a-kind piece of art. The reclaimed wood along with what seems to be a handmade sink go well in this bathroom getaway. The rustic faucet and handles add charm to the vanity.

If you’re a minimalist then this wall mount vanity will have you in awe. The square basin seems to float in mid air with no visible drain. This is probably one of the most modern wall mount vanities we’ve seen and we love it.


This bathroom vanity is repurposing at its finest. The bike serves as the bathroom’s focal point and makes for quite the conversation piece.

One of our favorite bathroom furniture manufacturers, Native Trails, carries a wide variety of unique bathroom vanities such as a wine barrel vanity using repurposed wine barrels and woods. These great vanities provide a stunning focal point for you bathroom as well creating a space that is truly one-of-a-kind.

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Three Overlooked Bathroom Renovation Tips

Aside from the kitchen, the bathroom is one of the most remodeled spaces in the home. The return on investment for remodeling your bathroom is one of the best but if you’re not looking to sell your house, remodeling a room where homeowners usually spend a lot of time is ideal. On top of spending a lot of time in the bathroom, it’s also a place we look to recharge, feel comfortable and relieve ourselves. Turning a drab bathroom into a home spa will calm the mood and relax the mind. Below are three often overlook bathroom renovation tips that can help turn your bathroom into the home spa you’ve always wanted.

  1. Mirrors: Many manufactured and older homes tend to have a dull, rectangular mirror that is often glued into place and secure with some nails. While this does serve its purpose, it definitely doesn’t do it with style. Consider removing this basic mirror and replacing it with something more refined. A framed mirror or one that matches your bathroom vanity will tie the room together and give it an upgraded feel. Tiling or adding wallpaper to the wall behind the mirror will create more depth that the standard wall-to-wall mirror couldn’t do.
  2. Linen Cabinets: Linen cabinets serve to purposes in the bathroom space; they provide you with additional storage and allow you display accessories without cluttering your vanity space. Some vanities come with matching linen cabinets that will bring the room together just like a matching mirror would. If the vanity doesn’t have a matching linen cabinet, finding a cabinet with a contrasting texture or finish will compliment the entire bathroom space.
  3. Tiles: Tiles have rapidly become a growing trend in bathroom remodeling. As stated earlier, many homeowners are tiling the wall behind the bathroom vanity instead of opting for a backsplash. This option creates great depth and makes the bathroom feel bigger than it is.


These tips as well as finding other ways to turn your bathroom space into your own sanctuary will make it a room you’ll never want to leave.

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Greys Are In

Whether you’ve been watching design shows, reading design magazines or looking at social media sites like Pinterest or Houzz, you have definitely noticed a big shift towards the color grey. Grey is definitely the new black with so many designers and furniture manufacturers using this beautiful, neutral color more often. In the past years, grey has been a color rarely used in home renovation and furniture but lately we have seen many manufacturers favor this color and the general response has been overwhelmingly positive.

With grey being such a neutral color, it has the ability to fit well into many applications and a variety of styles and motifs. Since grey is a color rarely used, it brings a breath of fresh air into the design space. Grey as a backdrop allows bright colors to accent well. Grey goes well with any color pallet or flooring mainly because grey finishes come in so many different tones and hues. Below are some examples of vanities with a grey finish just to showcase how versatile this color is.

This contemporary vanity is a true art piece with this dove grey finish. It’s available in different vanity tops and the grey wooden backsplash ties the entire piece together. It’s eye catching and a great transitional vanity to have as your bathroom focal point.


This more coastal style vanity has a driftwood grey finish that uses the grey to add even more depth and texture to the wood grain.


This driftwood grey vanity also uses the grey to add a richer depth to texture. The light grey finish stands out beautifully against the black tile walls.

So when shopping for your next bathroom vanity, consider a grey finish to bring new life into your bathroom redesign.

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