Selecting Furniture for Your Beach Home

Coastal living design is a highly sought after design style when building or renovating a living space. This is especially true for the bathroom and home spa to create a serene environment to relax in. Whether you actually own a beach home or are landlocked, creating a coastal living style bathroom space can give you that dream home getaway that you’ve always wanted.

Popular coastal styles vanities like the ones pictured above provide the bathroom space with a light color palette, creating a sleek yet relaxed focal point to build off of. The light color palette combined with soft textures will leave your home spa space feeling like a true vacation getaway in your bathroom. The second and third vanity, showcase the wood grain to bring in natural coastal element s with the color and texture of reclaimed wood.

Generally, you want to find a vanity made of solid wood rather than particle board. Kiln dried solid wood will fare better with the high moisture content usually found in bathroom areas. Along with being a better product, the natural feel of the exposed grains is hardly ever duplicated with laminate. When starting your coastal living renovation, selecting the right bathroom vanity will mean the difference between a true beach style getaway and just another bathroom with beach-themed accessories and artwork.

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Save Money On A Wall Mount Vanity By Using These 3 Tips

From phones and tablets, to cars and architecture, product and interior designs today place an emphasis on a sleek look with smooth, clean lines.  When you’re planning your next bathroom renovation, make your new bathroom appear fresh and lively with a contemporary bathroom vanity style.  A modern contemporary bathroom vanity can come in many different shapes and styles, but one that will wow your family and friends and have them raving is one of the newest, a wall mounted bathroom vanity.

Without legs for support, a wall mounted bathroom vanity can give your bathroom design or renovation a futuristic feel.  By mounting the vanity to the wall versus using legs, the appearance is one of gravity defying cool.  This contemporary bathroom vanity style will continually amaze your family and friends with the floating sink, countertop and cabinets of your new vanity.

Before you renovate and redesign your bathroom from its formerly drab and boring look to one more sleek and modern, there are a couple things you need to consider with your contemporary bathroom vanity. Shape, size and color of your new contemporary bathroom vanity are obvious things to consider, but there are even more important things you need to factor into your decision to upgrade to a wall mounted contemporary bathroom vanity.

These 3 tips are something to think about prior to committing to a more contemporary bathroom vanity.

  1. Make sure that you hire a professional contractor to assist you with your purchase and hanging of your wall mount bathroom vanity.  One of the more overlooked aspects of a wall mount bathroom vanity, is the size of the vanity, which implies it’s weight, and how to properly mount the vanity.  A contemporary bathroom vanity looks great when mounted correctly, and a professional contractor can help advise you the proper size that would be suitable for your walls and space. Additionally, a professional contractor can assist with the actual mounting of your contemporary bathroom vanity by easily locating the studs in your wall.
  2. Another thing to consider with using a professional contractor is to anticipate the additional costs that may arise by mounting your contemporary bathroom vanity before they incur. This will help keep your expenses lower in the long haul. By discussing the size, shape and weight of your new vanity with your contractor will help you avoid any unnecessary cost overruns.
  3. Last thing to consider is the type of sink you’d like for your new contemporary bathroom vanity.  A vessel sink, which sits on top of the countertop, will use less storage space beneath the vanity, giving you more cabinet space than a traditional sink.  A traditional sink will sit inside the countertop limiting space beneath it. While both sink types hide their plumbing underneath your new contemporary bathroom vanity, since a vessel sink rests above the counter top it will save you space beneath.  And, it just simply looks cooler.

Depending on your bathroom design, a wall mount bathroom vanity is both functional and fashionable, but consider these 3 tips prior to purchasing and installing to help save you time and money.

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These 3 Tips Will Transform Your Transitional Bathroom Vanity To Elegant

Modern design relies heavily on chrome and glass to create an antiseptic feel that looks sleek but doesn’t provide much of a warm tone or feel. When you’re looking to redesign or update your bathroom, just thinking about the type and style of bathroom vanity you want can feel a little overwhelming. There are a whole slew of things to consider. Does modern-sleek fit your tastes and desires most, or does antique-elegance fit? For most people looking to update their bathroom vanity the reality is somewhere in the middle.

Unless you have an early 20th century mansion, antique elegance may not make the most sense. The antique style has an emphasis on cast iron with ornate designs and details and may be a bit over-the-top for your bathroom vanity design.

A modern bathroom vanity overemphasizes sleek and clean lines at the expense of warmth and comfort. With a chrome or stainless steel aesthetic, these modern bathroom vanity styles are slightly too uninviting for most home use. They look awesome in the right setting, like the open-air bistro that focuses on Pan-Pacific fusion food styles, but it doesn’t quite fit the comfort of home.

A transitional bathroom vanity is a style that is defined as positioned in the middle of modern and antique styles. Often made of dark wood with curved, simple lines and minimal details, a transitional bathroom vanity is also known as contemporary traditional. This design is stylish and functional and brings the best of both the antique and modern designs with it.

If you’re considering renovating or updating your bathroom vanity, here are 3 reasons why you should consider a transitional bathroom vanity over other designs.

  1. Combining the best of antique and modern, this contemporary style includes elements of the traditional meaning that you get sleek lines with dark woods that also help create a clean and classic look.  While focusing on curved lines and minimal detail, this style of bathroom vanity exudes warmth with understated elegance.
  2. A simple look and feel that is classy without being too ornate like antique styles while being sleek and clean.  Transitional style is widely varied to allow you to create a look and feel that matches the overall design of your home and bathroom.
  3. The transitional bathroom vanity style is one that is casual and comfortable.  It is a design style that is highly personalized, which allows you to emphasize what you’d like to be a focal point of the room rather than there being too much attention placed on intricate detail in the wood or cast iron.

When you begin to think about the type of bathroom vanity that makes the most sense for your bathroom, a transitional bathroom vanity design is one that fuses the better elements of two distinctly different styles – modern and antique.  And by fusing those styles, a transitional bathroom vanity is one that you can personalize to match its purpose with your own style, helping you make your home more warm and elegant.

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5 Creative Ideas Of Better Bathroom Storage Tips

Whether you have a large and spacious bathroom or live in a smaller apartment, bathroom storage can be a tricky problem sometimes.  There are a number of creative ways to take the limited space of your bathroom and have additional storage space in ways that are both fun and creative. We’ve looked at a number of bathroom sizes and have a few tips and tricks to turn your limited bathroom space into a much larger area without any costly renovations.

Here are 5 tips to change your bathroom storage limitations into storage solutions.

  1. If you have a large open spaced bathroom, add an open-faced bathroom vanity and add an open-faced storage tower or ladder.  By having an open-faced bathroom vanity, you’ll add to the feel and décor of the room and you can coordinate the types of things you stack on the tower to add to the color scheme of your bathroom. If you have a neutral painted bathroom, add color towels and other items to the tower and ladder to accentuate color in the room.
  2. If you have a small and slightly cramped bathroom, think about adding a vintage vanity or open-faced vanity to add space to your bathroom.  By having an open-faced vanity that holds storage, you can help open up the room by making the walls less cramped and your space appear larger.  A vintage vanity will have open space beneath the sink that you can place storage baskets. Add a ledge around your sink to increase storage space for small items or to add some color and use the space beneath it to add hangers for towels.
  3. Use crate storage and stacked whicker baskets.  You can get small crates at a craft store, paint them in whatever tones you’d like to match your bathroom décor and then get them hung along the walls in creative patterns to add to the feel of the bathroom. Stack whicker baskets beneath your bathroom vanity or along the walls to give you additional storage space but also a country-homey feel to the room. Not only does this trick add to the feel of your bathroom, it also serves as a fun way to add storage to the room.
  4. For smaller bathrooms try adding a skirt beneath your sink to add color to the bathroom that also doubles up as hidden storage space beneath.  This trick will add to the décor and give you room to store toiletries or what-have-you away from view.
  5. Think about adding shelving and ledges above your bathroom vanity and to the walls along your bathroom.  Simple and easy to install, shelving and ledges can help add the illusion of space to the room.  Place clear jars along the edges to store toiletries to help with open spaces.  You can place colored jars, flowers and towels along the shelves to help with the color scheme of your bathroom.  Add some decorative art along side the shelves to give it a friendly look and feel to your new storage area.

There are countless ways you can get creative with your bathroom storage needs. You don’t need to have an expensive design degree to come up with great ideas for your bathroom and we hope these tips will give you a starting point for you to explore the limitless number of possibilities for your bathroom storage needs.


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Reasons For You To Know Why Buy Solid Wood vs. Composite Wood Vanities

If you’re looking at options for a better bathroom design, your choice of a bathroom vanity can make or break your bathroom makeover. As the centerpiece that attracts attention to the room, a bathroom vanity attracts the eye and helps tie the room together, and what you choose will add or detract from the room. From small bathroom makeovers to large-scale renovations, your bathroom design planning includes leaving nothing to chance and choosing your bathroom vanity is an important decision to make.

When you begin plotting your bathroom design plans, factors to consider vary from color to style to wood type but know that there are countless other things that may affect cost.

Among the most important factors to take into consideration during your bathroom design planning is why you should buy solid wood vs. composite wood vanities.

Why buy solid wood vs. composite wood vanities? Here are 3 important reasons:

  1. Solid wood vanities are all natural. All natural grains and woods make your bathroom design have a much more appealing look and texture. And with all natural grains your bathroom vanity gives your room a much more comfortable feel. Compared to composite wood, which is made of sawdust, glue and potential harmful ingredients, all natural wood vanities add an allure and appeal to your design plans.
  2. Solid wood is sturdy and durable. If you’re going to spend money on a bathroom design, don’t you want to spend your money wisely? By using solid wood your bathroom vanity will last longer than something made of plywood and composites. It also means that if there’s a chip or something crashes into a solid wood vanity, it can be fixed easily. With a composite wood vanity any scratch, breakage or other damage to it is most likely permanent.
  3. Solid wood vanities will save you money in the long run. When planning your bathroom design budget, you want peace of mind that’ll be money well spent. Solid wood vanities may be slightly more expensive than composite wood at first, but since its more durable, you’ll end up saving over time.

From antique designs to modern-contemporary, there’s a bathroom vanity to suit your bathroom design plans. With solid wood vanities, you know it will tie the room together and since they’re durable, they’ll last a long time and their grains will give the room a classy look and feel.

Yet, while a composite wood vanity may seem cheaper at first, since they’re made of saw dust bound together by resins and glue, they’re much easier to damage, scratch, dent and break. Since they’re made of composite materials, once they’re compromised it most likely time to throw them out.

You’ve decided to spend money on a bathroom design to suit your tastes and needs, you want that money to be well spent. Whether it’s just to open up more space and upgrade your bathroom, to a major renovation project, you’ve decided to open up your pocketbook. And like most things in life, you’ll get what you pay for. When reviewing options on your bathroom vanity, spending a little more upfront for a solid wood vanity vs. composite wood may cost a bit more but it will save you money in the long run.

Choosing a solid wood vanity may be the most important decision of your bathroom design planning and this should help you know about the strengths as to why buy solid wood vs. composite vanities.

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