Vanity Sets Complete the Look

If you’re thinking about getting a new bathroom vanity for your home, you may want to consider purchasing a complete vanity set. When you want to create a look in your bathroom, it’s nice to go all the way with it and have matching pieces. Depending on the retailer, a vanity set often includes the sink, countertop, vanity cabinet, and sometimes extra shelving or a linen cabinet.

You may or may not have extra storage needs, but more often than not, we can use the extra storage that shelving or a linen cabinet can provide for bathroom necessities, extra linens, or toiletries. And when you are remodeling or giving your bathroom a facelift, what better way to do it than with a cohesive design look. When the mirror, linen cabinets, countertop, and sink(s) all work together for one design theme, it really pulls together the particular look you are aiming for in the first place. It’s difficult and often expensive to find pieces from separate manufacturers which will work together, so a vanity set can help save hassle and your remodeling budget.

So when you are thinking about the new appearance you want your bathroom to have, consider getting a vanity set rather than piece-mealing the separate units together. Vanity sets, with their planned and cohesive interior design scheme can truly upgrade your bathroom into a whole new, luxurious space. When you are shopping for a new double sink vanity or single bathroom vanity, see if the vanity you like comes in a set. It will save you time, money, and save you from the chance of having a horrible realization that you may have picked pieces that don’t really work together. Vanity sets are the way to go!

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Need some space? Get a linen cabinet!

Whether you have a single bathroom vanity or a double bathroom vanity, chances are you can always use some extra space.  If you are like so many of our customers that buy bathroom vanities then you may want to consider adding a linen cabinet to your order.  The right linen cabinet can be the perfect accessory to your bathroom so you can hide the “expensive towels” when the in-laws come to stay.

At, we listened to our customers who needed the extra space and have begun offering linen cabinets to complement a select number of bathroom vanities.  On our site you will find a great selection of linen cabinets from contemporary wall mount linen cabinets, to traditional mission style free standing linen cabinets.  When purchasing a linen cabinet with a bathroom vanity set be sure to ask your sales representative about additional discounts.

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Finding a Contemporary Bathroom Vanity

I always wondered about what kind of bathroom vanity would work in my home. I have a vey modern style home, and most of the bathroom vanities I’ve seen in my friends’ homes are traditional-looking vanities that wouldn’t really work with my decor at all. I love the idea of getting a stylish vanity in my master bedroom and guest bedroom, but I don’t want to spend a lot of money and effort on something that doesn’t work with my contemporary theme.

I wondered what I could expect to find in stores, and I was surprised to see that they carried contemporary vanities as well as the traditional or antique vanities. But at these home improvement stores, they only carried about two contemporary style vanities, which was an underwhelming selection to say the least. So when I got home, I hopped online to see if there was somewhere else I could find a bigger selection of modern vanities. The first couple websites had some selection, but then I found Premiere Vanities, the largest selection of bathroom vanities online. I couldn’t believe how many different styles of  contemporary vanities they had to choose from, and I was elated!

On Premiere Vanities, I found the perfect contemporary double bathroom vanity for my master bedroom, and a great single vanity for my guest bathroom. With their vast selection of sizes and different styles, I had no problem finding the perfect bathroom vanities, and I didn’t have to settle for something I was less than thrilled to see everyday in my bathroom. With Premiere Vanities, I found that bathroom vanities aren’t just for old-fashioned or traditional style homes, because there are contemporary vanities to work with the modern style home too.

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Bathroom Vanities for Small Bathrooms

If you find yourself fighting with a small, cramped bathroom, it does not mean you are limited in choices for replacing the bathroom vanity. Small lavatories always turn out best if you install the correct size bathroom vanity into the limited space. This may be obvious to the majority, but for those who aren’t in the know, a few inches can make a world of difference in how your bathroom turns out.

The vanity is very important to your bathroom design, perhaps the most important piece, but there are a few other options you have to expand small bathrooms. For instance, installing a larger unframed mirror over the vanity will give the illusion of space. Space in a bathroom, or even just the illusion of space is essential! You may also want to consider you storage options. Many bathroom vanities come with doors and or drawers which easily solve any storage dilemma. If you opt for a pedestal vanity, storage becomes a bit more of a concern. In a small bathroom, floor space is crucial, so try a simple wall mount linen cabinet or open shelving unit to solve your storage problem. Another tip, stay away from dark colors on the ceiling. Dark colors close in your space, white or pale colors are always best. With these few tips in mind choosing the right vanities and design for your bathrooms should be a fun and pleasant experience.

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What Kind of Bathroom Vanity Do You Need?

When shopping for a bathroom vanity, it’s important to keep size requirements at the forefront of your search. There’s nothing more frustrating than finding the perfect vanity, getting it home and in your bathroom, only to find that’s it’s too big for the space. Take the time to measure your bathroom space so that you will only be looking for single or double vanities that will work in the room.

If you find that you have limited space, it might be good for you to consider a wall mount vanity as opposed to one that rests on the floor. If your vanity countertop and sink, cabinets and shelving are wall hung, then that can be a space saver in a tiny bathroom. There are many different styles to choose from, even corner wall mount vanities, so take your time in selected just the right stylish bathroom vanity to add storage to a small area, but still give you the floor space you need. A vanity that fits the space it resides in is much more appealing than a vanity that is too large for a small bathroom.

If you get a vanity that is too small to fit a large space, that can look equally awkward. Maybe you’re searching for a double vanity for a large master bedroom suite, or you have a larger guest bathroom in your hall. If this is the case, perhaps a floor mounted vanity would better suit your needs. You can find a great selection of floor double bathroom vanities that rest on the floor and give you the ample storage space you need as well as the stylish decor to transform your bathroom into a whole new space.

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