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Free Standing Bathroom Vanities

Remodeling a bathroom is a big job filled with so many chooses it can make your spin.  But you have chosen to take on the task and tackle that remodel anyway.  You have chosen the style, color and layout of your bathroom; you have picked-out the perfect bathtub and shower combo and a toilet that is just right, you have picked out the perfect flooring and tile, and now the only thing left is the vanity.  Choosing the right vanity for your bathroom can be a daunting task.  You know what style you are looking for and what color will complement your other design choices, you have decided whether you wanted a single or a double sink option, and now you are faced with you last choice; to choose a built-in or freestanding vanity. 

The choice between a built-in or freestanding vanity will mostly be an aesthetic preference, but there are some things to consider.  A built in vanity is just that built in to the ground and surrounding walls.  The built-in vanity may offer you a bit more storage space as the drawers and cabinets will continue to the connecting wall and floor, and a free-standing vanity will typically have feet and he appearance of a piece of furniture.  As with most furniture the drawer and cabinet spaces will be contained within the construction of the furniture itself.  Because a freestanding vanity is supported by feet the extra space beneath the bottom of the vanity and the feet is empty unusable space.  This does give the freestanding vanity the look of a unique piece of furniture but within that design some space is lost. 

A built in vanity can also be custom built to the size requirements of your bathroom.  This can be a big advantage if your bathroom has limited space.  But if you are lucky enough to have plenty of space in your bathroom and do not need to build a vanity that will fit into a very particular parameter, you may be able to choose a freestanding vanity.  Because the freestanding vanity is really a uniquely designed piece of furniture the designs associated with most freestanding vanities are more elaborate, intricate and embellished.  This makes for a very attractive addition to your bathroom but with the extra design additions this piece of furniture may not fit into your space requirements and because it is a prebuilt piece of furniture it cannot be modified. 

So the choice between the two may be dictated by your bathroom's spacial demands or by your personal need to maximize your storage space.  You may need to fit your bathroom vanity in a very particular space within your bathroom because of the plumbing fixtures and you may need to have a built in vanity.  But for those who have plenty of space and the small amounts of extra storage is not an issue, than a freestanding vanity can be a very nice addition.  Because the freestanding vanity is a piece of furniture unto itself the design can be more elaborate and give the feeling of a handcrafted artistic production.  A freestanding vanity can look like a true addition and artistic choice, and not something that was built into the bathroom as a utilitarian matter.  Of course there are many beautiful built-in vanities that have their own feeling and overcome the prefabricated look of some built-ins, but for some the look of a freestanding vanity is like no other.