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Modern Vanities

In today’s day and age when we hear the word modern we think of technological devices, but the term modern often refers to a stylistic movement which incorporates the aesthetics of the fifties modern movement.  Today the modern style takes the simple lines and clean designs of the original modern movement and combines some contemporary materials to create a new take on this classic design.  Brushed metal and steel, the look of concrete and industrial materials will give a feeling of modern to any design.  Bathroom vanities are also designed to capture that modern design aesthetic.  A modern bathroom vanity can really add a nice cool simplicity to your contemporary bathroom design.  When choosing a modern bathroom vanity look for clean designs that are not overly intricate, embellished or traditionally styled.  To capture that modern look and feel look for vanities that utilize innovative designs and choices not just from the cabinets but also from the hardware, sinks and faucets.   Look for sinks that push beyond the traditional sink choices.  Vessel sinks which sit on-top the counter tops can add that modern flare.  Vessel sinks for the modern vanity should have a design that will set it apart from a antique vessel sink.  Stay away from the classic bowl look or the sink that give your vanity a country look.  Look for a modern vanity that has a vessel sink in a contemporary shape, think square or hand blown glass, brushed metal or black.  A modern bathroom vanity may also incorporate new technologies in faucets.  There are some really cool new faucet designs that are sure to give your vanity that modern look and feel.  Touch activated or contemporary designs will make great additions to any modern vanity.  Waterfall faucets are new and sheik, long cylindrical designs push past that traditional look.  When looking for a modern style vanity stay away from natural wood colors, as these are most often used in country of traditional vanities.  Instead look for dark or grey colors which will look more industrial and simple.  Modern often means clean and simple, so stay away from embellishments and bright colors.  Some times a modern vanity will embrace new designs and shapes that would never be incorporated into a traditional designed vanity.  Sharp angles or avant-garde configurations will give you vanity a real modern feel and style.  Glass and aluminum counter tops bring a vanity out from the traditional ages and into more modern times.  Again look for industrial materials, stay simple and clean.  Look for long continuous flowing lines which are not utilized in a more traditional design.  A modern vanity will seem like it is a piece of the room not an additional piece added to the room.  Have the vanity seem as if it was built into the bathrooms design will make sure it does not seem like a handcrafted piece of furniture.  The hand crafted look will take you back to a more traditional feel, and modern is all about looking as if the design is a part of the whole.  Modern is clean simple and cool in color and design.  Be adventurous as a modern vanity can embrace some really cool new designer hardware’s, faucets, sinks and mirrors.  So unlike a more traditional look which may have to stay period consistent, a modern vanity can embrace all sorts of new things and approaches.  Be adventurous but stay simple and avoid over then top colors.  Modern is simple and industrial and finding the perfect modern vanity will make your bathroom seem like a complete fully designed room.