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Bedroom Vanity

Bedroom vanities can enhance the appearance of your bedroom as well as that of the bathroom. If a woman or teenage girl will keep her hair dryer, curling iron and other hair accessories in a makeup vanity, the bathroom will have less clutter. A bedroom vanity will encourage female family members to apply makeup and fix their hair in their rooms instead of in the bathroom. The result will be a contented family with nobody in the hall waiting for a turn in the bathroom.

Our bedroom vanities have attached mirrors and matching padded stools. Some of the mirrors are tri-fold for viewing your reflection from all angles. You can select a bedroom vanity with drawers for makeup and jewelry, and some of them have side doors that swing open for hanging necklaces. You may want to opt for a simple makeup vanity design without drawers if that fits the décor of your bedroom better.

We have a variety of styles, materials and colors, and one of them is sure to be perfect for your own bedroom.