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Bathroom Vanity Sets

When you are ready to update a bathroom in your home, browse through our great selection of vanity sets to find the perfect style for your room. Our bathroom vanity sets come with matching mirrors, and some of them have matching shelves or cabinets as well. Although not usually part of a bathroom vanity set, matching linen cabinets are often available to provide extra storage space. When all the furniture pieces match, your room will have a finished look with a neat appearance.

The superior quality of our bathroom vanity sets ensures that when you purchase a set from Premier Vanities, it will still look new many years from now. We feature exclusive vanity sets from Knightsbridge, Milano, Sorrento and many other brands constructed of the best materials with exceptional craftsmanship. Therefore, the bathroom set you select from our extensive collection is sure to add functionality as well as beauty to your bathroom.

Whether you are looking for a single or double bathroom vanity set, we have hundreds to offer, and one of them is sure to suit your style and budget.