The Main Focus
Your vanity is the center of attention in a bathroom, and even though the stool and tub may be more necessary, a vanity has the most influence on the room’s appearance. New bathroom vanities are capable of transforming unattractive rooms into appealing oases more effectively than can any other changes you may make. In addition to their aesthetic charm, vanities for bathrooms can provide storage space for numerous items that would otherwise add unsightly clutter to the rooms. 


Infinite Selection
Premiere Vanities has an amazing selection of high-quality vanities for bathrooms at competitive prices. We have bathroom vanities in teak, oak, cherry, maple, mahogany, birch, bamboo and other woods as well as in a variety of materials and colors. Vanity tops can be wood, natural marble, granite or one of many additional options. Sinks, faucets, mirrors, back splashes and accessories offer further opportunities to individualize vanities. Premiere Vanities features exclusive names like Firenze, Hudson, Torino, Sorrento, Milano, Avigon, San Remo and Knightsbridge. Whether you are upgrading a guest bathroom or your master bathroom, we have almost 200 vanities for you to choose from for your project. Our extensive collection of single bathroom vanities, double bathroom vanities, vanity sets, and bathroom cabinets will ensure that you can find the perfect vanity or linen cabinet to match your unique interior design. You can choose from antique, traditional, wood, or contemporary style vanities in all sizes to fit the biggest and the smallest bathrooms.


Overcoming a Challenge
If the shape or size of your bathroom presents a challenge, we can help you find the ideal vanity to fit your room. We have corner vanities, wine barrel vanities and other unique styles perfect for your bathroom. Depending on your requirements, our vanities can be wall mounted, freestanding or built in.


Begin your bathroom update today by browsing through our outstanding collection of bathroom vanities. Choose the ultimate vanity, and then select fixtures and all the accessories needed to create the environment you desire. Even when you plan a complete remodel of the entire room, start with selecting the right vanity from Premiere Vanities, and then choose wall covering, lighting, flooring and other furniture to compliment it.


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